Paleo meat S African style

  • Not a recipe and I may get spanked for this but thought some may find this interesting. I had good fortune to hunt in S Africa many years ago and experienced couple culinary delight. Biltong is basically SA version of beef jerky, but better. Especially when made from eland. Eland compares to prime rib like prime rib does to a Big Mac.
    Droewors is literally 'dried sausage'. Think slim Jim for concept.
    Now for the really wierd.... Monkey Gland Sauce. Nothing to do with monkeys whatsoever, just a name. Think gourmet Heinz 57. Anyway, have discovered USA source for all of these made by S African folks in NJ of all places. Braaitime is company. I'm especially fond of 'Hatch green chili droewors'

  • Thanks, I love trying all kinds of Jerky I'll have to get some.

  • I love hot n spicy. A lot of Portuguese influence in SA and they use a lot of ' peri-peri' which can be pretty hot. Think habanero but peri peri biltong not that hot to me. The hatch chili droewors has just hint of heat while flavor just kicks ass. Prefer it to all their biltong. As I said, beware, it can get addictive. But lot healthier than chips etc....
    And the monkey gland sauce can make even meat loaf .... Good???