For those of us that like to drop our money into our Savage rimfire rifles.

  • McCree's Precision is now inletting their rimfire chassis for mkii's and CZ's. Adjustable folder for $400

  • I am telling you now...don't waste your money on either rifle. I had a CZ that was completely decked out...pillar bedded manners stock, Lilja barrel, almost every DIP piece available and it still wouldn't shoot like I wanted it to.

    Save your money and buy a 40x. They can be found for around $1000. Gradually upgrade it a piece at a time until it is exactly what you want. You would be surprised how quickly you can get $1000 into a mark 2...and you still only have a savage that a factory 40x will shoot circles around.

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  • @dddoo7 Trust me I believe you that there is nothing like a 40x but its nice to see McRee's offer a trainer chassis with an inlet for an action other than a stiller 2500 for those of us that use their chassis on center fire rifles and want a crossover for training purposes.
    Not saying that Ill but one but it is nice to see them expand their offerings.

  • @m.mccarthy

    True point. I would have trouble passing up a rimfire barrel for a DTA if @tscustoms were to develop one that would shoot like the 40x. There is something to be said for training on identical ergonomics.

  • @dddoo7 funny you mention a rim fire conversation for a DTA I was thinking how cool that'd be the other day. Feeding from a mag might take some tweaking. I'd been hoping they would do a savage inlet just so I could have the option of having that cross over between my rimfires and centerfires. Plus I think a folder would be a nice addition to my 16" suppressed 17hmr.

  • You could index the barrel on a DTA Rimfire conversion with a conical breech face. Lilja is doing some like that for the Anschutz 2007/2013 actions that have clamped in barrels.
    Easier to fabricate the barrel too since it doesn't have the broached extractor cuts.
    Between Greg and Travis, I bet they can design and build something of there was a market.
    The replaceable bolt face of the DT might make it easier.
    You could get a 6:00 firing pin location too.

  • @hypo

    A reliable feeding magazine would be the difficult part.

  • Yep. That system I posted the drawing on last month that Sauer uses could be used as a starting point. The barrel of the 22 would come about 1/3 of the way back across the magazine well. You could put a dummy round in the chamber to set head space as you tighten it down in the chassis with the bolt closed. Redesign of the bolt extractor and ejector and firing pin would be the critical part. Use an existing Magazine like the 40X Does.
    Could go to an offset blade style striker like Anschutz and double claw extractor with a fixed ejector but that would mean a new bolt with a groove for the ejector. You would want as fully supported case head as possible.

  • As heavy as I'm into rimfire, and you guys think this hasn't crossed my mind? ;)

  • @orkan

    I'll take that winky face as "I'm working on it" :)

  • I like the can of worms that's opened from this lol I'm sure Orkan has something up his sleeve