Welcome Prometheus Tool Corp!

  • @straightshooter1

    It is the trickler made by Adam McDonald

    coupled with the A&D Fx120i

    I do not have the autothrow

  • Well...I obviously can’t afford paint for my wall...but at least I can measure powder accurately and quickly.


  • haha... NICE!

  • Congrats @dddoo7 i can’t wait for mine to arrive, I still have several months though☹️

  • Banned

    @dddoo7 said:

    Well...I obviously can’t afford paint for my wall...but at least I can measure powder accurately and quickly.

    worth it!

  • Just hung up talking to Brand and going over all the details. Sending all my paperwork off Monday, the end is near!

  • Can someone give me a measurement from the bench top to the adjustment handle on the powder measure when mounted on a stand? I’m trying to decide if I want to mount the Promentheus straight to the bench or add a stand.

  • @bull81 19 inches from bench to the center of the cylinder on uniflow.

  • @orkan
    Perfect thanks

  • @bull81 The prometheus is provided with 4 little metal feet with holes in them. You can make your own stand to your own dimensions out of your chosen material easy enough. :)

  • @orkan
    When I get home I’ll do some measuring and see, if 19 is too tall I may just do like you say and build my own.

  • @bull81 Also remember that you need room under the machine in order to get the case in there. Otherwise you'll have to hang it over the edge.

    Here's a pic that might help. I installed the factory funnel and nozzle for reference. My adapter I use for the XHCG funnels gives me a bit more room underneath. Consider the camera angle when using those measurements pictured.


  • @orkan

    Thanks fella this is a lot of help, I plan on trying to figure away of using my area 419 funnel which is short like yours. I’m thinking the big dog stand is going to be about the perfect height for me so I’ll probably just go that route. I build cabinets so building a sturdy stand wouldn’t be an issue for me, time would be my biggest hurdle.

  • UPS brought me a present today.


  • @bull81

    A satorius scale?
    2/3 lb of varget?
    A Dillon toolhead stand?
    A 333 pack of .22lr?
    A q tip?
    A silver adjustable lamp?

    Come on man. You gotta be specific. There is lots of stuff in that pic.

  • @dddoo7 very observant, I still can’t find the q-tip though. Lol

  • Lol. On top of the Dillon stand.

    Congrats on the promethius. Instructions are excellent...yet it is still daunting setting the thing up.

  • @dddoo7
    Man I had no issues with setting up and getting it running. Took me about 30 minutes to unpack it, set it up, and start throwing charges. I watched the video Brand and Greg did last week and everything just went together real smooth. I was expecting it to be bit more daunting. I haven’t loaded anything yet just been playing with it and comparing charge weights on my satorious. Truly amazing machine it’s been spot on with actual weight and of course consistency. Gonna load some rounds tomorrow for a match on Saturday.

    I see the qtip now lol.

  • About setup and getting going...
    God blesses us all with disparate talents. I cannot sing or dance if life depended on it. Some folks just more "farm boy" than others. When I checked in with bull81 and he was already running I said " bet the first vehicle you learned to operate was a tractor like me"
    It is not complicated, but each user learns at their own pace. Have not had anyone that does not reach critical mass with just a bit of playing around and they all say " this thing is dirt simple"

  • Finally saw the Q-tip!! Had to look though...

  • Anyone looking to upgrade the funnel system on their Promentheus that hasn’t already purchased the Hard Core system may want to look at the area 419 funnel. After talking to Brand about it he had a great idea. The area 419 funnel is a little bigger than the funnel that comes on the Promentheus, so all that’s required is to mill or shave about a 16th off of each side of the funnel creating a two flats and glue the magnets on the funnel. It will then take to place of the original and can easily be removed and used a stand alone funnel if needed.

    I’m not in anyway saying it’s better than the Hard Core funnel modification but simply another route that can be taken. I just dropped my funnel off to a friend to mill the sides down and will post pictures afterwards

  • @bull81

    So what’s up with cooking steak in hot water? Who does that?

  • @dddoo7
    Very interesting way to cook them that’s for sure, I’m definitely gonna have to give that a try real soon.

  • This post is deleted!

  • My 6 year old daughter has the Promentheus figured out. She probably knows more about reloading than most competitive shooters do. She loves shooting and reloading, I couldn’t be prouder. She’s making 223 rounds for her to shoot this weekend