Remington just doesn't get it.

  • Seriously I've heard rumors of this rifle for a couple of weeks, and thought okay if they can do it for about $700 it wouldn't be bad.

    Nope, not Remington.

    What Remington did was take a $400 dollar barreled action, drop it in a $250 stock, and list it for $1175.

    What? Are you kidding me? For that price I can have a Howa HCR with a nice chassis.

    I guess I have to give them credit for putting a nice looking bolt knob on it, and also having fast twist rates, but that's it.

    Also rumors are that there's a 6.5 Creedmoor in the works.

    Well I guess they could have done worse, not as bad as Luepolds latest scope.

  • they will sell them so quickly
    That it will be a year before you will see one on the shelf. Joe average shooter will think it is the newest and best thing ever.

  • @rhyno

    They must think that since it's 5R they should charge an extra 500.

  • At that price I would buy an older 40X in 22LR or a clip slotted 308 with Redfield sights.
    Having a vintage matched pair would be cool.

  • @hypo

    I have been thinking about older 40x's in 308. They sell for about $1000 and probably can't be beat for the price for a good starter rifle. Thing is most of them are going to be single shot...but as long as one has to load in a factory Remington most of them are single shot too.

  • Yep, I have a GB search just for 40X in 22LR and 308. There has been one on there for over a year that never gets to the Reserve. A 22 sold for less than $1k yesterday.

    308 starting bid $1k

    Its 22LR Little brother.

  • There I go again.
    Collecting more than shooting.

  • @dddoo7 said:

    they will sell them so quickly
    That it will be a year before you will see one on the shelf. Joe average shooter will think it is the newest and best thing ever.

    I'll probably be one of these "Joes". I can't find a less expensive way to get into a decent .260 REM for the ~$900 that my local shop will sell them for. There just aren't many factory options out there. I bought an SPS last year with plans to put a decent stock on it and eventually a barrel. Now I think I'll dump it and try to get one of these Magpuls.

    Also thought the 5R rifling and cerakote finish were nice upgrades over any "$400 barreled actions" out there that I'm aware of.

    Also considering the 5RGenII model which is now out in .260 as well. 24" Stainless cerakote on an HS Precision.

  • @hypo

    I watched that .22. It was a shooter with a few dings...not a collector, but it was not a bad looking gun. The only wild card was the cut barrel. It is always a gamble with those older rifles when the barrel is cut. Sometimes they lose their accuracy. I got lucky with mine...but was ready to rebarrel if the accuracy suffered when the battle was cut.

    That rifle also was the older style that will not accept aftermarket triggers with safeties without milling out the rear tang. I don't know what trigger that one had...but it had no safety and was probably not factory.

    The ones with round bolt knobs will typically need that mill work done (as mine did), however if you find one with the traditional Remington "football" bolt knob it will usually accommodate an aftermarket trigger with safety without any mods. The main exception to this rule is when someone has mixed and matched bolts from older/newer rifles which seems to happen quite often.

  • @dcat

    That detachable mag setup on the Magpul model is worth something too, $50-60.
    Doesn't come standard with the stock from Magpul. Stock alone runs $225 or better most places I've looked.

  • @dcat

    I had a magpul stock and dbm and was not impressed. In my opinion your money would be better spent going a different direction. Even the HS stock is better than the magpul.

    Maybe someone else has some suggestions for $1000 starter rifles. That might be a better start than the magpul Remington.

  • @dddoo7

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll consider that for sure. I've looked around a lot and as far as .260 goes, just not a lot out there for options on entry level stuff with heavy barrels. I'm after a dual purpose gun. Mostly hunting but possibly paper or steel later on. The SPS I have may be good enough for what I'll do, but rather than dumping money into a stock and later a barrel if needed, I figured now with these new heavy models it may make more sense to lose the SPS and start with something better that I may never need to upgrade.

  • I just drove past it but a local Pawn Shop has a 5R in 308 with a Burris 4.5-14 and an aftermarket trigger in it.
    Never laid eyes or hands on one till yesterday.
    Same place I got my Garand.
    Looked at a Beeman break action springer 22 pellet gun too.

    The 5R was shot a bit from the finish wear caused by a bipod but the metal and bore looked new.

    It was way overpriced at $1200.

    You mention the round handle Remington. In have a 270 Sportsman 78 and it has a round handle. No lever safety either if I remember. Let me walk in and look.

  • @dcat

    What caliber is your sps? If you have a smith install a new barrel and buy an entry level stock you will be miles ahead. Custom barrels are much nicer than any factory barrel. It will be easier to load for and clean and it will shoot better.

    I would consider 6.5 creed too as they are supposed to have better nodes than 260 and almost identical ballistics.

  • @dddoo7

    It's .260 REM as well. I'm already setup and hand loading for it so I'd like to stay with .260 for whatever I do end up doing.

  • If you're dead set on 260, this probably is about the only one out there, everyone else is going 6.5 Creedmoor it seems.

    Even Remington is rumored to be coming out with this rifle in that caliber.

    I personally am going 6.5 CM when my 260 is shot out.

    I would try and compare this with the 5r and see if one feels better. Hard to say without shooting.

    Another thing I didn't think of is I'm pretty sure in order to adjust the Magpul you have to buy inserts for it.

  • I just don't like the feel of plastic.
    This is what I like in an inexpensive rifle.
    Birch and a matte finish. I need to scope this thing.
    This was the last cheap Remington before the plastic ones started coming out.
    Remington Sportsman 78 from 1984-1988
    $215 at a pawn shop and stripped the ugly finish and went back with Watco Danish oil.
    It need the factory sights reinstalled or some upgraded ones.


  • @rhyno

    Thanks. Will check em out.

  • @rhyno said:

    @dcat I just remembered Tikka makes a 260.

    Ok let's forget using any of these for shooting paper since my main purpose will be hunting. For $900 would you take a Tikka over the magpul700 in .260REM for the purpose of taking deer and coyotes within 500-600yds?
    Would either of these or both be a significant upgrade over the SPS sporter weight .260 I already have?

  • I can't really answer that with experience.

    I have pretty much none with the Tikka.

    The popular opinion seems to be that Tikka makes a nicer gun then Remington at the moment.

    And personally I would buy the Tikka over the Remington, especially at similar prices. It's got a feature set I like a little better (shorter bolt throw, better extractor design, side bolt release) but that's just from fondling them at a gun store.

    Maybe someone else can chime in.

    As far as an upgrade to what you have, depends on how it shoots, I like heavier rifles they seems to shoot easier, and the heavier barrel would help during long strings. But they're also heavier, at 20" on the Tikka and 22" on the Remington they should be quite manageable though. I know personally I'm probably going with a 20 or 22" barrel on all traditional rifles from now on, 26" is to long.

  • @dcat

    The comments he made regarding the Xmark trigger means that I won't trust anything else he says in the review.
    "The very slick X Mark Pro trigger is externally adjustable within a nominal range of 3 - 5 lbs, preset at the factory at 3 lbs. The trigger is creep free, short in pull and let off is like breaking glass... but without the broken glass."

  • It's a gun mag, you could hand them a Moisen Nagant and if you paid them enough it would be the best thing the world has ever seen.

  • Yeah, my Finnish M39 isn't all it was made out to be. Better than a Russian gun for sure but not as good as my old Remington Sportsman 78.