New Sierra 7mm .780 G1


    197 grain. Factory pointed.

    Be really sweet to own a 7mm right now.

  • holy snap! I like that.

    Suppose sierra beats Berger to a 155gr 6.5mm?

  • I dunno I hope they do, but I'd like to see one from anyone right now.

    Seems like we're living in the golden age for LR shooting ATM.

  • Looks like a good candidate for the 7LRM!

  • 1 in 7.5" or faster twist .

  • I bet an 8twist will spin them

  • 8 twist in a 7-08 might not...but with at 2,800 fps (or thereabouts) in the LRM I bet an 8 twist will do just fine.

  • @dddoo7 I would concur

  • I was gonna ask who makes a 7.5twist 284.....

    The 195 Berger needs 8.4 to stabilize if I remember right. I can't imagine two extra grains makes it that much longer that 8 won't do it.

    Of course I can't shoot well enough to exploit it at long range.

    (This space for rent)


  • Length is 1.713 according to their picture.

    So running that through Berger's stability calculator at whatever atmospherics are standard and 2650 FPS it has a stability of 1.42 and you lose 2% BC to .761 g1

    They're optimal for that length and weight is 1-7.75

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