DIY Brass catcher for AR.

  • Just spied something on the Laundry room floor.
    Saw something else hanging on the bedroom closet door handle.

    15 minute project. Two snips of the metal and a few bends later.


    It fits but does it work? Update after lunchtime here.
    I try not to shoot on Sunday until Noon as a courtesy to the neighbors.


  • I am looking for a large Crown Royal bag next.
    Maybe not range appropriate mixing alcohol and guns.

    The felt or cotton canvas would resist the heat better.

  • Yeah I was going to say, that fabric isn't going to take the heat of the casings.

  • It works.


  • @hypo no melting fabric?

    A brass catcher sure is nice isn't it.

  • The brass isn't that hot coming out of the 20" barrel and it was a lighter 25 grain loads. Outside temp was in the mid 30's. The CFE223 is pretty clean. I will post pics of the brass later.
    Can't tell about accuracy until I get better with the sling or use a bag or bipod. Needs rail covers.

  • @hypo

    I melt the caldwell catcher with my AR using CFE223...but I am running a 7.5" barrel and pistol length gas system. LOL.

  • When I went to dump it only two cases were stuck at the case mouths,
    They pulled free easily. That stain is more oil than soot.


    I have some aluminum tape about 2 inches wide for repairs. I will sandwich the holes when they start to form.
    Probably need to put some over the soot area right away or the entire top 2 inches for sure.