Interesting read about Fasting...

  • I fast all the time.

    ... just get too busy and forget to eat. :)

  • A few years ago I used to do "physique" body building competition. I say that now, and hang my head, cause it sounds gay as fuck.

    Anyhow I used to fast on Sundays (not eat) and I was able to lose about 1-2 pounds a week, depending on where I was in my training cycle.
    The problem I ran into, was I would lose too much lean mass. Not a problem if you're just trying to lose weight I suppose.

    I might try this, now that I'm married and spend too much time on my butt I have a few pounds I'd like to lose.

  • I have no choice now.
    Cardiologist appointment next week.
    Guys, get an EKG at least once a year.
    Hopefully it was technician error.
    Will see. Otherwise it will be good to catch it early.
    I have lost track of how many coworkers of mine died behind the wheel over the last 24 years. We had 3 last year just in the Atlanta terminal out of 100 or so drivers.
    The worst was a crash and burn. He didn't suffer though.
    Autopsy found no smoke in his lungs.
    He was dead before he hit the trees.

    Thanks for the great recipes Mrs Gash.
    I bought fresh and frozen cauliflower earlier this week.

  • @hypo

    prayers for you. Hope it turns out well.

  • @hypo my pleasure! They sell prepackaged cauliflower riced now. It's awesome to be able to grab & go instead of pulling the food processor out to make riced Cauliflower :)

    Good luck with your appt. next week!