Arkansas Poachers Busted

  • These guys had 39 bucks that were killed this year along with hawk and owl talons. There is no telling how many does they killed as well. My cousin was in on this bust (on the side of the law).

  • Good deal, love it when poachers get taken down. Social media is making it easier, because people are idiots.

  • I was really surprised how many people were standing up for these idiots on social media. I don't visit Facebook anymore, but one of the links in the article I received took me there. Many people were throwing a fit saying that as long as the meat wasn't wasted there shouldn't be a problem with it. I guess they ate the hawks and owls too!?

    There were literally hundreds of violations in this bust. Looks like These guys were shooting anything and everything that moved.

  • It gives guys bad names, those of us who are doing it right.

    And it ruins it as well, my dad was talking already about next year, and I told him, I don't know if I'll rifle hunt next year, I'm tired of the road hunters.

    One of the guys we hunt with watched a nice buck for an hour, then when it was about ready to cross onto our property a guy drives up on the road and shoots it.

    I watched road hunters every day I was out there and there's not a lot I can do about it. Seriously the roads around us are mostly dead ends or roads with bridges out. And it drives me crazy.

    Every bastard we can get off who's doing it wrong will help.