January Range Report Thread

  • Thank you to all the people that participated in the GunHive Challenge for December 2016 and we look forward to seeing January's challenge.


    1.) Fire at least 1 (one) deliberate round at a target. (living or not)

    2.) A daily code will be posted in the early morning hours (after midnight Central time zone) and this code will be required for your photo (see rule 3)* The daily code will be posted by @mamalukino

    3.) Take a picture of the result, including your firearm, your bullet hole, mark on steel, or dead critter, and a hand written note displaying the daily code. All this must be in a single photo.

    4.) Post that picture in the range report thread. At the beginning of each month, include your time zone; as pictures must be posted by 11:59 p.m. your time zone.

    5.) Do this at least one time per day, for the entire month

    6.) BB guns and such are still allowed as long as the projectile you're firing is metal you're good.

    At the end of the month, each shooter to complete the challenge will be added to the leader board and will be entered to receive the Gunhive.com Shooters Challenge prize!

    Thank you and we all look forward to the results!

    January's 1st's code is: XLR

    Have fun and post your pictures.:smile:

  • 6br 1-14 twist, Barts 68gr Ultra FB . Temp 45 degrees sunny. Wind 7- 12 mph,
    Excellent day for some shooting.


  • Nice shooting, great way to start the New Year!!

  • @mamalukino Thanks. It was a beautiful day today.

  • @tpk936

    Very nice!

  • 9 shots at 50 yards. That was a challenge freehand with a pistol. My eyes are so bad I couldn't even see the different targets...however I have now completed the sniper forums shooters challenge for January. Now what should I do with the other 30 days.


  • Free range chickens tempting fate. They are scarfing the mongoose bait....Damn:laughing:

  • Wnvk4FY.jpg

  • Took December off as I was out of town quite a bit but hopefully back now itching to get back out with my 22s

  • ImAoE5n.jpg

  • Monday the 2nd of January 2017's code is SRP

    Everyone is welcome to post on the Range report thread and everyone is invited to join in the monthly Challenge. You do not need to be participating in the monthly challenge to post your pictures and you are encouraged to jump in at anytime.
    It may not be possible to shoot a firearm daily; however the option is there to shoot pellet or bb rifles or pistols. Set up a short range in your house, garage, apartment or your backyard and commit to shoot daily. Get out to a range or hunt when the opportunity arises.
    Have fun and post your pictures!:smile:

  • I break cheek weld every shot to reload. Trying to get the same weld every shot; when successful it shows.

  • VGitBgl.jpg

    28* freezing drizzle. Haha

  • Raining here too...but not nearly as cold.


  • The roads are terrible, I mean 25-30 max if your smart, and ease on the accelerator like your stepping on an egg. I took dirt roads to the range so I didn't notice took paved back.

    Already accidents.

  • @rhyno
    Be safe

  • @dddoo7 thanks, but I'm home now and I ain't leaving, hopefully the roads will be good by tomorrow morning I got a bit of a trip in the morning. I'll have leave plenty early I guess.

  • Didn't get out today hopefully tomorrow

  • The Gunhive.com Shooters Challenge code for Wednesday January 3rd is: REM

  • It started raining pretty hard while I was out shooting and I forgot to take a jacket so I was in a hurry and shot all 10 shots in under 10 seconds and put seven out of ten on the can at 50 yards not all the holes are visible because the can turned several times

  • We got sun today, hope the flooded range will dry up by Saturday.

  • Rain two days in a row now. On a positive note my 40x is safe and sound at the FFL. On a negative note...I am not going to be able to pick it up until Thursday.


  • @dddoo7 cant wait.

  • lcung0h.jpg

  • Wednesday January 4th's code is: DEV

    Have fun and post your pictures!:smile:

  • I shot the fnx tactical today. Most of them hit the center circle at 25 yards.


  • New lot of projectiles, rezero.

  • @dddoo7 I expect to see 200 rounds on Friday.

  • @tpk936

    I would be shooting the thing today...but I can't pick it up til thursday. I have about 3 bricks anxiously waiting. My ffl is a friend so I have to go when he and I are both free so it sometimes takes a few days. However...I would rather my custom 40x sitting at a friends house than laying on the counter at the LGS or pawn shop. Most of the guys at our local gun stores wouldn't even recognize most of the guns I order.

  • This bb pistol gets frustrating just hits all over the place with no rhyme or reason. I ought to invest in a better BB gun for the days I can't get out.

  • @tunnel-ratt Get a pellet rifle or pistol, beebeez have a mind of their own...:laughing:

  • @mamalukino yeah round shot just doesn't stabilize well. This is from about 3 yards and I can still see the BB curve right before it lands.

  • @tunnel-ratt said:

    @mamalukino yeah round shot just doesn't stabilize well. This is from about 3 yards and I can still see the BB curve right before it lands.

    Yea and NO wind..:laughing:

  • 4ElhOX0.jpg

  • 5th of January's code is: LRP

  • Took the Finn commie killer out in the back yard today.
    Time for a new shooting bench. It was temporary anyway.

    Can you say primer cratering?

    Offhand at 50 yards.

    Two got launched off of the paper. I jerked them. I knew as soon as they broke.
    Firt 5 were 6 O'clock hold. Last 5 were water line hold.
    I can't really tell till I bench it but it seems about 3" high at 50 yards.
    I was not holding but trying to break the shot as I lifted the sights into the target.

    More practice and probably need to slug the barrel. Knowing the Finns it could be a little tighter than 312-314 that the typical old Mosin is.
    It would be great if it was closer to 308. Need to pick up a micrometer or would calipers be close enough?

    For offhand most CMP shooters try the 123-125 grain bullets and a lighter load.
    Need to see what the HBAR is like. I guess it will be 3 position till the new bench.
    Need to move the target back about 5 yards and move firing position to the crest of the hill where the tree shadows are for prone.

  • Need a micrometer for measuring bullet diameter. You can get away with using a really good caliper, but results can be unreliable.

  • I'll start looking for one.
    Mitutoyo or Starret or will something less expensive do?
    Any special anvil?
    Looking for that link Travis shared a few months ago that carried tools.

    Edited to add... Starret starts at $104 on the Starret page. Not too bad at all.


  • I put a new hat on the fnx. It will probably go on my .22 eventually...but I don't have a pic mount yet and wanted to try it out. I like it enough they might both get one eventually. It is an RM09 (1 moa dot adj. led).


  • kGIMBqs.jpg

  • 4147K38.jpg

  • 80e9t3Z.jpg

    Got to go to Scheels today and they had some nicer scopes I got to look at, looked through a Burris XTRii 5-25 and played with it, hasn't changed much since the last time I played with one, but this one was MOA. They also had a Razor HD2, man that thing is much bigger then I got from pictures. I wasn't all that impressed with the turrets on it clicking them side by side with an XTRii. But I didn't get enough time playing with either to say much other then I wasn't "Wowwed" by the turrets. The locking feature would be nice.

    Also play with some rifles since I had the chance, they had the Savage BA stealth meh still a Savage, especially compared to the Tikka T3x and Howa I was playing with.

    Those Tikka's sure seem nice, would really like to be shoot one, wouldn't mind owning one. One thing I wish it had was a 3 position safety like the Howa but not a big deal. The shorter bolt throw was nice to.

    Howas are nice as always still it seems.

  • PRS is the 6th's code.

  • 0sPqHiW.jpg

  • Not a good day for shooting tiny groups. Plenty good for evacuating craniums. Putting the ol girl to work on day one.


  • Three more. All in one shot (meaning I fired one shot and hit all three). I had to run two of them down to finish them...but they are thick here today. I've been missing this without a precision .22!


  • @dddoo7 said:

    Three more. All in one shot. I had to run two of them down to finish them...but they are thick here today. I've been missing this without a precision .22!


    Just think in the summer you can hunt flies and mosquitoes like @orkan now.

  • Kill more birds than a cat. Starlings....ugh. Noisy things when a huge flock settles into a tree by the house.

    Need one of those extended tube shotguns like a 3 gunner uses.
    Or fireworks like that Steve Martin movie with the wedding Father of the Bride.

  • ghQII24.jpg

  • Snow and ice on the road today and since I didn't have to get out for anything else I stayed home


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