Fun stuff

  • Working on a Ruger RPR barrel and playing with my new Canon Rebel T5i digital camera. Been having great success with JGS coated reamers. Representative example of the surface finish in our chambers straight off the reamer. The chambers all get roughed back with a touch of Scotch-brite to give the case some grab on the chamber wall to avoid excessive pressure load on the bolt lugs on firing. Leaving the chamber finish that smooth can cause false pressure signs from decreased friction along the body of the case, much akin to a wet chamber.


  • @tscustoms

    Hey Travis,

    Awesome. That's interesting about the final finish on the chamber and pressure. Is this a common process or something you figured out?

  • Most outfits can't cut a smooth enough chamber to require it to be figured out. ;)

  • @pizfiz Common process.