• So maybe it would be a good idea in addition to the Shooters Challenge to have a bit of a fitness challenge.

    Unfortunately I can't award any prizes, but just getting out and doing something is usually prize enough.

    Anyways for today I just got done with an hour long walk with my dog. Luckily I had the day off.

    Though starting from this point I plan on grabbing something simple to eat for lunch and walking.

    I'm fat and I need to lose weight, it's effecting me in ways I don't enjoy.

    Eventually I'll get back to running but I want to lose a little weight first to save my knees.

    Currently I am 27, 6'1" and 327 lbs, and I've never not been fat, even in my prime at football playing weight I was 260 lbs but back then I was in much better shape.

  • 6'1" 291 today for my DOT physical.

    39 BMI.
    I barely avoided the mandatory sleep apnea test.

    Prone sucks.
    Kneeling, standing or on a bench for me.
    Even sitting is a tough position.

    One more week on the road for me then the new schedule.

    First step is no more sodas.
    That is good for 10 pounds in the first month for me

  • That will certainly help for me as well.

  • Goal and reward system for yourself is good to implement.
    If I crack the sub 220 pounds I am going to get a mid grade ISSF shooting jacket for smallbore prone.

    I have some nice suits that I could wear again below 230.
    At 240 I can get into my size 38 jeans.

    At 200 and buffed up a bit, is how I was the day I met my future wife in February of 2003. I was 200-205 and was running 2 miles a day.

    Just finished grocery shopping.
    No junk food for me.
    They had some good looking fresh squash.
    Put a shoulder roast into the crock pot around midnight.

  • Most years I run to get into shape for hiking. I absolutely love hiking and the Grand Canyon is my favorite. When running it is my goal to run 3 days a week. Monday, wed, and fri. Mon is my long day and when I am in shape it is 8-13 miles. Wed and fri are at least a 3.1 miles and a lot of times that includes climbing stairs in between. I have access to a grain bin 1.5 miles from my house. It is 27 large steps to the top. When in shape I run 1.5 miles to the grain bin, climb it 20 times, and then run home all in about 35 minutes.

    However...right now I am not in shape. I have only run once in the last 6 months and it took me just under 30 mins to do the 5k. I will not be working out everyday as I believe I gain faster when working out every other day....but I will probably try to start running again. I always feel better when I do. I am currently 160 lb and 6' tall...but my weight is partially due to diet. I don't eat sugar except for small amounts of bread and fruit. I believe that diet is just as important as exercise...but is often more difficult than running is. Anyway...good idea for a challenge and this should be some motivation for me to get my cardio back in shape again.

  • Walked for 30 minutes today. It was a bit cold haha.

    Going to a friends to do some shooting now to close out the year.

  • I've shared this before but I'll share favorite transformation video ever...the dude went from not being able to walk to being able to run again simply by using Yoga. Yoga is incredibly easy on the joints and the body and is extremely challenging:

    There are tons of free yoga videos on youtube. Look for beginner yoga. There are various forms for yoga, you have to figure out what one you like best :)

    As far as food goes...I'm a huge fan of lots of water - try to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily and the following "food pyramid" with grains being on the very top and limited to no dairy.


    Good luck to all of you making a healthy change :)

  • Oh and I would also discourage joining the gym....try to find something you can do in the privacy of your own home. This will limit the excuses to not workout. There are tons of personal trainers who put together workout routines and share them for free on youtube. :)

  • A few of my Youtube favorites

    Yoga Channel: Yoga with Adriene

    Fitness Channel: Fitness Blender

    Dance: ReFitRev

  • It snowed today, I've always loved running in snow and rain.

    It's always so quiet and peaceful when it snows.

    It was 8* when I got home, and I ran a mile, it wasn't very fast 14:36 ish or something but it felt good.

    Then I walked a half mile on top of that, truthfully if it wasn't so cold I probably could have ran a little longer.

    Oh well.

  • @rhyno

    That is great! I refuse to run when it is below freezing.

  • Ran today for the first time this year. This was a 3.1 mile run and the time included climbing the 27 steps up the grain bin and back down twice at the 1.55 mile mark. I'm hurting right now...but it will be worth it later. In my experience...the second run after starting back is physically harder than the first...but requires less motivation. This stuff is all in my head. If I can convince myself that I want to do it then I will. Finding the will power is the hard part for me.


  • I had to stop for a bit, my knee was acting up, but I'm going to try it again today after work and shooting.

  • Tendentious in my hip is what made me stop last time. I was very frustrated as I had worked up to further distances than ever before and I was fully motivated...but my body wouldn't take it. I am trying to spend a little more time before and after stretching now so hopefully it won't happen again.

    Exercise is useless if our bodies fall apart. :)

  • With baseball/softball season going for my kids, I'm accutally out moving again. When I coach I don't stand there, I show them how to do things. Maybe I'll start run-walking again.

  • Ran just over a mile, felt good, but it was hard to get motivated.

    I know DST sucks, and I'm not sure what cycle we're in, but that extra hour of sunlight after work helps.

  • Well I'll jump on board with y'all. I did 30 minutes of HIIT and another 30 minutes strength training today :D I try to get at least 30 minutes in daily.

  • @rhyno and @gash

    Very good!

    Motivation is usually easier in groups.

    Running has actually been a motivation for other things. If I can force myself to keep running when every ounce of my body is yelling stop...then I can do anything I want to.

  • Right back atcha @dddoo7. And yes, way to go @rhyno :)

  • I have a long way to go, two years ago I was running 5 miles every other day.

    Don't know why I stopped.

  • Hats off to y'all. Running and I have never gotten along. Last time I ran was in highschool. Part of basketball preseason conditioning was running 4 miles round trip up a near by mountain trail. i will forever remember the burn in my calves and shins. It was torture. But we were in the best shape come game time. hehe

  • Since I am type 2 diabetic, I need to excercise. I am 5'10" and 202lbs. I would like to get to my high school weight of 175. What I love doing is hiking, and here in CO, about 15 mins from my house, there is this awesome trail that is 3.5 miles long. I haven't tried to measure how high I get to go, but it should be an easy 300-400 ft from bottom to top. So there is a lot of going up and going down. I do have to be careful going down because my knees are not as strong as they used to and it rough terrain. My plan is to hike 3X/week until I get in shape, then I am going to start taking my hunting pack and adding weight to it for extra cardio. Eventually I want to get to something like Insanity, which I used to do before and really liked it, or maybe some weight training. Kudos to everyone making efforts to get or stay fit.

  • Insanity was fun, I just never have a place to do it, no place big enough, or tall enough.

    I still have it somewhere.

  • @rhyno Hats off to you for doing Insanity. It's a little too insane for me hehe. I'm doing TurboFire right now with some Power90 strength training a few times a week. I love Chalene and Tony.

  • A buddy and I did it, it was fun, like so many things you only get out what you put in.

    Some of the jumping wasn't so easy since I was 280 or so when I did it, but there's not a ton of it in there.

    Shaun T was a decent motivator through video. I'd like to do it again, just not sure where I would have the space to do it.

    Derp it just occurred to me I have this giant building that I can do it in when it's warm, I'll just have to take me laptop and speaker in there.

    So that's the plan, insanity when it warms up.

  • 3.1 miles (5k) again this morning. As I suspected from past experience...the second time back after a long period of no exercise is harder than the first.

    run 1.55 miles...climb grain bin 3 times (27 steps each) 1.55 home= 31 min 11 sec. Very slow...but as long as I am out there running it will get faster...and easier.

    If today is your workout day...get it done and post it up!!!

  • Haha, it would take me about that time to do two miles, I plod along haha.

  • Just did another mile, the weather has been crap, cold and rainy. But today it was just cold.

  • @rhyno Good Job!!!

    I was supposed to run yesterday...but barely made it out of bed. Today is better...but still not up to running. Maybe Monday.

    Strep Throat. :(

    I know...any excuse is just an excuse.

  • Physical exertion when sick can get you killed. Especially with strep, which very frequently leads to pneumonia.

  • @orkan

    I sure don't need that.

  • Slowing working back into exercising after being sick. My 6yr old son and I are planning a hiking trip to the Grand Canyon this we both need to get in shape and ready for it. We hiked somewhere around 6 miles today at Fort Pillow State Park which is near us. He did wonderful. This was his second "real" hike and it went much better than the first. We really need to build up to 12+ miles though before we go. Every mile in the canyon is about as difficult as 3 miles on flat ground.

  • Did 1.13 miles at 13:43 pace.

    Felt pretty good, probably going to push it to 1.5 or 2 next time.

  • 20 minute walk with the kiddos tonight :)

  • For some reason I felt like doing sprints today.

    So I called a buddy and yea went alright, pushed myself a bit, of course as soon as we left I felt like I could have done another couple of sets.

    A .25 mile warmup, then sprint walk sprint walk etc, then .25 mile walking cool down.


  • I hiked 9 miles yesterday with my son and father. It wasn't easy miles either. Lots of hills on the Mississippi bluffs.

    This morning my son and I ran a half mile together. He hasn't run before and I am trying to ease him into it. Gotta get the cardio up before the canyon trip.

    After our slow half mile I ran my typical 5k with 4 sets of grain bin steps in the middle.

    Our long day in the canyon is going to be 12 miles. 12 miles is not too bad except for the elevation change. The last 4.5 miles (when we are tired) has 3,800 feet of climb out of the canyon. All of this exercise is so that that last 4.5 miles is easier. It will be worth it.

  • I haven't been able to do anything this week, hopefully today.

    Between the weather (cold rainy windy) and waiting on utilities people, and working late it hasn't left much time to do things.

    Which is disappointing after last week went so well.