A new straight pull coming

  • Pretty much no information out there yet on this but I find it interesting.

    I've always been fascinated by straight pull designs, they're just neat.

    Outside of Blaser, some old rifles (like the K31) and AR15 things theirs not a whole lot out there I don't think. I know Magpul was working on one that got sold to FN I think but I don't know if they ever did anything with it.


    So there's a new one coming, or being worked on.

    According to the comments it's supposed to be under $3k and a quick change barrel.

    It's neat.

  • Looks like an AK had sex with a Blaser.

  • That things looks have no appeal to me.
    Where is the wood?

  • @orkan that was funny haha.

  • So...what is the rundown on blazer rifles. I have seen them a few times on GunBroker and know very little about them except for the fact that they are crazy expensive.

  • I've always been interested in them but have never been around them.

    They use a collet to lock up, and they're a switch barrel design (the older R93 uses two screws is all, on the barrel, around the chamber area) which to me seems like a drawback as I don't think it would be very easy to spin up a custom barrel, and you'd have rely on what Blaser offers.

    The other oddity is that the trigger is part of the magazine on the R8 so that's weird if you reload you get a different trigger.

    I dunno, I wish I could play with one.

  • I've messed with them a few times. Just couldn't get along with them. If a guy is looking for a sleek light-weight hunting package, it might be for them. I just couldn't get along with the way they are setup.

  • Well apparently it's not a straight pull but a short throw (45* ish)

    Still kind of interesting but less so now.