Cleaned up nicely.

  • My new Finnish M39

    Just cleaned the cosmoline out of it.
    1968 barrel date no maker mark. Hex receiver but all Soviet or Russian markings have been milled off.
    Cannot date the receiver.
    Excellent bluing under the wood and 90% on the topside.

    Trigger is , different.
    Interesting how they converted it to a 2 stage by adding another pivot pin.
    I only have one box of PPU to try out.

    Next up is the 1935 K31 with matching numbers
    Including the original sling and bayonet with leather frog.

    No edge on the blade but it sure is pointy.


  • Nice old war relic there. :)

  • I like my commie killing machines
    My Garand was a 1943 dated Korea bring back.
    No telling how many Chicoms it got over there.
    Can't tell if it was Pacific or European theater in WW2 though.

    Sat Cong.

  • Tonight's teardown and inspect and oil.

    K31 from 1935 with all matching numbers including the bayonet.
    Worried about the sling leather, it is really dry.
    Trying my boot oil. and bayonet_zpsjfszxshg.jpg

  • K31 trigger group.
    Housing and tang are all part of the receiver machined from a single billet.