Brownells has AICS mags on sale

  • Accurate mags as well.

    Lucky day, picking up a Magpul 10 rounder and AICS 10 rounder.

  • I bought 1 of the MDT .223 mags from them the other day but they are out of stock. Ordered it anyway for the free shipping.

  • The accuratemag 10rnd .223 mags seem to work very well also. Both them and the MDT's are better than the AI polymer .223 mags.

  • I am going to try those also but the MDT lets you load long without any modification.

  • Well my Magazines came in today.

    The AI 10rd works great, gonna have to sand the feed lips a bit to try and get it to scratch my brass a bit less. And with 10 rounds it is a little hard to work the bolt.

    The magpul, well not so well. The first 5 rounds cycle fine, but after that I get a lot of failure to feeds as the bolt just rides over the bullet. There is quite a bit of play in the magazine it moves up and down in the bottom metal quite a lot, enough that the bolt goes right over the top, even had it do it on the first round once.

    It would have been nice if it worked, because they're obviously a third the cost, they load a little easier and the cycle easier with a full mag, but the failure to feed is a big failure.

  • @orkan

    Ordered 1 of the Accurate Mags and will be testing both. Found the fix for the Accurate for length from the 6.5 Guys.

  • @rhyno Pull the guts out of the AI 10rounders and take some sand paper to the inside of the lips. Only way you'll get rid of the scratching.


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