My FUBAR SWFA SS 12x42MQ returns

  • Recently, November 29th or 30th I sent SWFA my SS12x that was damaged during a trip to Puuloa Marine Firing Range to participate in a shoot with the Puuloa Rifle and Pistol Club.
    This shoot took place on 11/19.
    To get there I need to fly as it is on a different island. My rifle was cased in a Pelican during flying and a drag bag during driving to and from the match as well as between legs of the match. Sometime in the period after the match my scope was damaged to the point of FUBAR, the ocular housing was bent to the point that the parallax ring would not turn.
    I didn't discover the damage until the following Sunday, the 27th, when I tried to focus the scope at my home range. I made 2 shots with the scope turrets at zero and they did not go where they should have. Bummer.
    All that being said, I sent the scope to SWFA after getting an RA # hoping that they would honor their warranty's promise to repair or replace unintentional damage.
    I am happy to report in today's mail I received a new SS 12x42MQ scope!!
    I have to admit I had some trepidation concerning SWFA due to previous engagements; however, they came through this time around.:smile: