Goodbye California?

  • Oh shit, if Kali goes they may take Hawaii with them as we are now a suburb of Hollywood and filled with smurfs (blue people).

    Is that racist?

  • If they leave, I wonder if the state would let the state of Jefferson form. The state of Jefferson is a moving from right leaning members and counties of CA, that want to form its own state.

  • @norcal_in_az
    Is there an area they control or they would like?

  • The borders are disputed.

    I've seen SOJ signs as far south as Sonora, CA and into western Nevada.

    Redding is the most likely capital if it ever were to happen.

    California needs the north. Our entire economy is based on taking water from the northern part of the state and sending it to the southern part of the state.

  • Let them leave, now if more manufacturers would get out of the state.

    Apex has announced they're moving apparently.

  • I am not against california leaving the union. California politics are anti constitutional. I do however have a prediction...If californa leaves the will be a 3rd world country within 10 years. If you live in Californa and this is going to happen I would strongly consider moving before it is too late.

    Also...If this happens we need to build a wall along that boarder as well.

    It is a shame that such a beautiful state is wasted on the liberals.

  • I mean the state is 700 billion in debt, and receives 300 billion from the federal government.

    Their budget deficit is twice what it's tax revenue is.

    If it happens, and I hope it does, the democrats will probably never win an election for president again. Which is why I think it never happens.

    Frankly if it happens I would revoke the citizenship of everyone in that state, stop exports and imports.

    Keep the Federal land, the military bases and associated ports.

    They'd crumble extremely quickly.

  • I agree with @dddoo7. Let them have their "experiment." I'll laugh my ass off watching them crash and burn. Illinois, new york, oregon, washington, massachusetts, and every other liberal cesspool should be encouraged to do the same.

    Then, after all of that has happened, and they are all their own little nation states... we'll declare war, on ALL of them. Beat the ever loving shit out of them, and TAKE the land back.

    Submit. ... or die.

  • @orkan
    So you're advocating a multi front war, against your own countrymen, across at least 1500 miles (just on the western front), which will no doubt devolve into an insurgency? That seems both unrealistic if we consider recent events and a little romanticized as well, in my opinion.

    Ultimately I think conservative values are inherent to humans. They reemerge when shit gets bad enough. it doesn't make much sense to care for millions of people you've never met who aren't related to you. IF it happens, give it a couple years to realize the mistake they made in the name of "progress" and the rest of them will come crawling back

  • My compassion for people of opposing views on this issue is completely gone. Steadily eroded since my youth, and as I aged, the faster it was eroded. If I make $100,000 in a year.... I'm considered lucky if I actually keep $75,000 of it. In reality, if you consider licensing, forced insurance, permits, forced health care insurance, local taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and other bullshit extortion methods used by the government... It is highly unlikely that I'm left with more than $50,000-$60,000... and that's being really generous. I pay roughly $6,000 per year for obamacare... and it's just for ME, personally... and if I don't fucking pay it, the tax penalty I get is WORSE. My elective insurance I paid BEFORE obamacare was only $2000 a year, for a better deductable and roughly the same coverage.

    I can think of nothing better for this country than for all the dead weight to be gone. I don't really give a shit how it happens, I just want them gone. They can form their own countries. They can move elsewhere. They can all get rounded up and shot in the goddamn head for all I care. The only thing I know for sure is that I'm dead tired of working my ass off so 50% of my income can be stolen by every mechanism they can possibly fucking invent to do it. ANYTHING anyone wants to do to alleviate that... I'm good with.

    Anyone that disagrees with that message, I don't give a shit about. I truly don't. The ONLY people that aren't completely fed up with having their money stolen by the government ARE the same cocksuckers getting MY money from the government. Either because they work for them, or just get a magic little card that gets everyone else's money deposited on it every month. There is NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING that the government's can do that a private company couldn't do better.

    So yeah, I'd happily volunteer to drive to cali to shoot some of these son of a bitches from "another country" that are responsible for all this if they form their own nation. I'm guessing I wouldn't be short on company either. You think this "war" would be anything but marching in there and stomping on insects? Even if it were serious fighting like you describe, should we care? These people are destroying our country from within with every waking breath. They spend ALL of their time using our money and our resources against us. Taking whatever we have, and demanding more.

    Like I said. Anyone that's not already fighting mad over this bullshit is either sucking on the government dick or directly in their employ. ... and I won't spare the feelings of EITHER.

    I would literally support ANYONE taking ANY action to ensure that THIS fucking guy below, can't get any more of my money, so he can go protest something on a daily basis.


  • I don't think @orkan would even have to go to CA. There's plenty of people already there that share his mindset and hopefully would revolt against this BS that LA, SF, and Sacramento are playing. Its those three areas that believe they rule the entire state and after this last election, they apparently think they should rule over the 80% of the country that didn't agree with them.

    The ruling class of CA doesn't give a flying fuck about you @ragnarnar. Nor do they care about all my family still there, about me when I was there, nor any other conservative that lives there. They only care about the precived preseption of caring for others and racism. Yet their very own policies are what keeps racism alive, keeps pour people indebted to the government, and makes the elites feel better about themselves.

    This country was founded on fighting a war against what used to be it's own countrymen. The ruling class then, pushed to hard and the population fought back. This is no different. Let the liberals keep pushing...There pushing themselves right out of my country.

  • Once California goes, all it will take is a couple of months without Social Security Checks and SSI checks coming in.

    To compound that problem, there will no longer be a border between CA and Mexico.
    The Narco gangs will quickly become the de facto government of Southern California.
    The president of CA will have to use his new "Army" to keep the peace.

    They will not have any draft or compulsory Service.
    I would expect most of the current National Guard to honor the Oath to the USA.

    That leaves asking for foreign help as well as a monetary bail out.

    The most likely source of the "aid" would be China.
    They can spare a dozen million Peacekeepers that are military aged males with no chance of finding a female mate because of the decades of the one child policy and the resulting sex selection against females.

    I think they will also make a move on Africa.
    As long as it isn't European Countries invading, helping, Africa, it won't be considered Racist.

    Yep, that's the path to Chinese troops in North America.

    That is something to fight.

  • @orkan. I absolutely understand your point of view, I too feel the drain of these social parasites every month. To be clear I wasn't advocating for California or any of those people, I was just suggesting a more pragmatic approach.

    Consider the human cost to send an occupying army into California. I don't want to see you, your children or any other good, hard working, honest American killed, hurt or even inconvenienced in their daily lives by having to go fight a war against these vermin.

    It's not California I care about. It's the rest of the country. I've said we should let the Air Force and the Artillery Corp use places like Oakland and LA for practice, and then rebuild. Because that's the only way we can fix the issues we have there.
    Thus, fuck them. Let them go. I'll be gone from here in about 6-8 months and after that I don't care what happens. I'll come back and help @dddoo7 build the wall.

    Edit to add

    I don't think it will be China @mamalukino. Their economy is fragile as it is and to send troops to California will be overextending massively.
    I suspect instead that it will be Muslim immigrants, from Syria and the like that wind up in California due to the perception here that "racist is bad." As such California will fund them as Europe is doing at current.
    Shortly roving gangs of military aged males would go around enforcing sharia law and abusing women and children the way they do in Europe. Again, because it's racist to tell them not to; it's part of their culture.

    Western birth rates aren't even at replacement, whereas the followers of Islam reproduce like the vermin they are. They'll need more space, and we're already funding their invasion.

  • @ragnarnar I never mentioned China.
    I'm afraid Hawaii will join the idiots as we have become a suburb of LA over the years.
    My answer to Kali is neutron bomb a few cities; add the organic waste to crop fertilizer and make English mandatory.

  • Oh shit. @hypo

    My bad. I saw a yellow avatar and my brain said mamalukino

  • NP. I see the Northern part trying to stay with the USA Similar to get Virginia / West Virginia split.

    My point about China is that they would be invited in by a desperate California Government as Mercenaries.

    They have a surplus of ships right now.
    No need for specialized landing craft when you can dock at Long Beach Or in Oakland.
    Then the race is on to seize all the equipment out in the storage depots in the desert.
    The run amok gangs and Muslims would be the reason for the request for help in exchange for basing rights.

  • The liberally infested areas of the country didn't get that way overnight. Anyone with even the slightest bit of intelligence has been able to see it's steady progression, like an infectious plague.

    Anyone still living in those places doesn't deserve any sympathy. If people are too foolish to see what's right in front of them and get their families out of those hell holes, then they get what they get.

  • Banned

    One of my favorite historical quotes by Thomas Jefferson.

    "...And what country can preserve it's liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure."

  • All my life I've heard how folks wished California's fault line(s) would finally break & cause them to fall into the Pacific or that Mexico would take over (which it has in a sense). I find it funny that a vast majority of everyone hates Cali and they're going to throw a tantrum without much thought & try to leave.

    It'll suck because a lot of fruits are grown there & not having those in circulation will cause prices to go up. But if that's the price to pay to stop the liberal infection than so be it.

  • @gash said:

    It'll suck because a lot of fruits are grown there & not having those in circulation will cause prices to go up.

    If they plan on selling them, they'll have to price them accordingly. Humans don't need fruit or nuts to survive. It's a luxury item.

  • @gash said: It'll suck because a lot of fruits are grown there & not having those in circulation will cause prices to go up. But if that's the price to pay to stop the liberal infection than so be it.

    CA's number one crop is rice, and guess where 90% of that goes, China/Japan. Everything else that CA was once the lone source for, is also grown in other places. I once went into a burger joint and they had a sign up, stating that because of flooding in FL, they had no tomoatos for their burgers. The only things that would really be missed are table grapes, rasins, and artichokes. Everything else is grown elsewhere as well now.

  • I would imagine that if they divide off as a country that there will still be a free trade agreement between them and the union. It would really not be in their best interest to tax exports...because a reciprocal tax would cost them much more than they would ever get.

    Besides...I am willing to pay extra for american made goods. That means I am also willing to pay extra for fruit, nuts, and rice in order to preserve our union. I would even seek out non-california goods if they decide to split off just because I don't want to support their liberal way of thinking.

  • @dddoo7 said:

    I would even seek out non-california goods if they decide to split off just because I don't want to support their liberal way of thinking.

    Exactly! I would do the same. Free trade or not, I'd boycott EVERYTHING they tried to export.

  • Pretty much @dddoo7 and @orkan :thumbsup:

    I'm surprised at how many items in the grocery store come from Mexico and California these days. It's crazy!

  • @orkan said:

    Exactly! I would do the same. Free trade or not, I'd boycott EVERYTHING they tried to export.

    You don't do that already? I thought that was a fairly common thing in the 2A community.

    I've been boycotting New York since the "safe" act. I thought about trying to boycott CA but I can't figure a way that would work....

  • @ragnarnar We boycott a LOT of places due to our beliefs. One thing that I haven't been able to get around is buying Californian or Mexican produce. After I started paying attention to where stuff was coming from...damned near everything available up here is either from California or Mexico. Some day we'll be set up to grow most all of our stuff...until then, I try to give as little to no support to those against us during my grocery shopping :)

    I've heard rumors of a new grocery warehouse being built in the state that is going to focus on supplying US only goods to a co-op I'm part of. I hope that it's true.

  • @gash

    A situation like that sounds ideal.

    I'd really love to be able to grow most of my produce. I search for greenhouse plans all the time when I need to day dream.

    Even in bitter cold like you have up there a properly constructed greenhouse should be able to keep you in the greens on just about everything but citrus. That's all part of my pipe dream.

  • @ragnarnar you can do citrus too. I had a friend who grew mini trees full of lemons, limes, oranges and she even had bananas.

  • Sounds like California is begging Trump to help evacuate after their dam issue.

    I've heard but I haven't been able to find and haven't really looked that's California had money to fix the dam years ago, but spent it on other things.

    If California thinks they have the capability to secede then why do they need the Feds to bail them out?

    Because everyone knows California can't afford to secede, they're to far in debt and require to much federal assistance.

  • He should send them some of their signs back. "I'm not your president... remember?"

  • I have also looked into growing our own stuff, not for boycott purposes, but simply because it's healthier. I looked into homesteading at one point and I seem to remember an article somewhere that for a family of 6 like mine, 2 acres is all we would need to grow everything that we needed to be self sufficient. Also, for those of you concerned about not being able to grow things in winter in greenhouses, I don't think that would be a problem. I don't have the experience, however, through my job I travel to Oulu Finland once a year and my friend I work with in Finland has a greenhouse where he grows peppers and other things year round. Check the map, Oulu Finland is way up north, they have only a few hours of daylight in the winter. Oh man, their berries are super sweet, since they grow those when they have like 20 hrs of daylight, actually, most everything they grow, is very tasty because of the long hours of daylight they get during the growing seasons.

  • Not that it makes much of a difference, but the area where the dam is pretty red.

    They're near the bottom part of the area that wants to break off from California and form Jefferson.

    As soon as you get out of the major cities and off the coast, most of California is conservative.

  • California was given money to fix issues at that dam, they should be sued by this 188k residence for not doing it.

    Each and every politician in that state should have a lawsuit for fucking those people over.

  • I kinda sorta felt sympathy for everyone, however I stumbled on this and now I don't feel one once of it for them

  • Save a buck today and spend 20X? 200X?? tomorrow, Bureaucrats.