Nebulizer for barrel cooler?

  • What if I took a resized case and drilled out the primer pocket to fit a right angle barbed hose fitting and plumbed the hose from a nebulizer or fish tank air pump or regulated Nitrogen to it in order to cool a barrel between OCW groups?

    It has to have been tried already by someone.

    Not worth the effort?
    Need something battery powered?
    Adapt a small squirrel cage blower off of an old computer graphics card?

    Too cold with compressed gases could cause ice.
    Not good.
    Don't even want condensation to form.
    Just blow until exhausted air is around 40 Centigrade to 50 Centigrade?
    Ten above Atmospheric?
    Switch to another gun and practice while the other cools is best.

    Be patient?

  • There have been fan setups to cool the barrels but for an OCW you should never be shooting so much to really heat the barrel up.
    You can use a infrared thermometer to check the chamber temp before and after each 3-5 shot OCW group. Just start the next group when the temp gets to originals starting temp.


  • It's been done

    Isn't the intent of the nebulizer to push a vapor or atomized substance, like in an inhaler?

    I suppose it wouldn't matter if it's not hooked up to the inhaler though.

  • @hypo said:

    Switch to another gun and practice while the other cools is best.

    Be patient?

    I like these answers.

    There is much to do while the rifle is cooling:

    Record data
    Dry fire
    Observe conditions
    Check fasteners
    Track mirage
    etc etc etc.

    Not much is learned during the actual firing event. Everything surrounding it, however, is smashed full of knowledge.

  • Don't be a Close Quarters Blaster.
    Be a Precision Marksmanship Master.

    T Shirt Idea from Orkan's comment.

    Try to capture the Zen of accurate shooting.