Anschutz 8001 Club for Christmas

  • My stepkids' Father remarried ten years ago a little after I married their mother.
    After 11 years together we all actually get along decently and are enjoying sharing grandparent duties.
    Our youngest twins are 19 now and their younger stepsister is 14 and a Freshman in High School.
    She also is shooting on the JROTC Air Rifle team. She started out with a team shared Crossman in Sporter division.

    Well, turns out that the young lady has some talent.


    That is her on the far right.
    That got her bumped up to Varsity Precision Class as a Freshman.

    So her mom and Dad and Grandmother decided to bite the pellet and equip her as the coach suggested.

    My wife and her mom get along well so I got the all clear to get involved.
    Spent hours sending her links to all the different forums like TargetTalk, Creedmoor , Champion Shooter Supply , Champion Choice, Pyramid Air etc.
    It was all new to them and they were shocked at the prices of the top tier equipment.

    Well, Champion's Choice is within 5 miles of the terminal that the company I work for has in Smyrna , TN.
    I always stop by when I have to take a break or am delayed waiting on freight.
    Sure enough by good fortune I got to TN yesterday and only one trailer was ready. I pull doubles.
    It was going to be a couple of hours so I messaged the people that would be bankrolling the purchase and was given the OK to go see what was in inventory.
    Well I think we got a good deal for the young lady.]Anschutz 8001 Club Air Rifle. Air rifles - $1699 Anschutz 8001 Club rubber butt plate CMP Stamped Beechwood stocked rubber butt plate on sale for $1200 regular $1499]Champion's Choice Champion Choice bought the remainder of the Anschutz inventory and Anschutz added the adjustable Aluminum butt plate to sweeten the deal. The butt plate alone is $284

    Jeff let me drool over it and I sent photos back to the mom.


    forgive my horrible form.


    Ten shot test target fired from a fixture at the factory in Ulm.


    Upgraded rear adjustable butt plate.


    Good thing for me is, I get first dibs on buying it when she upgrades in a couple of years.
    I basically guaranteed the resale for them or they would not have bought it for the young girl.
    This set up would have been close to $2k a few months ago. it includes the sights too.
    We are going to get her the hard case, bipod for keeping it off of the floor, handstop, and a good sling as our kids gift to her.
    I already got her a good glove and clip on blinder and Way of the Rifle book a couple of months ago.

    Merry Christmas

    Oh did I mention the trigger....... Oh My God

    Back to work.

  • @hypo Awesome, best of life to her:smile:

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  • Very nice.

    But it looks like they only fired one pellet on that test target I'd complainšŸ˜

  • So the next time someone who comes on a forum with a first post wanting suggestions for a $700 SHTF sniper set up we reply that I would not trust you with a pellet gun and show them this one?

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  • Thats what a good Santa does, nice work Hypo.

    I would hope that she never gets rid of that gun.

  • If she upgrades it won't be so bad, but first rifles are special.
    It was really a big bite for her mom and Grandmother. They had a $1k budget but the resale on a lower grade Hammerli or Feinwerkbau and loss of competitiveness plus the good deal pushed them to go for it when her Father agreed to make up the extra bit.

    If I have to ever move into a city limit and cannot shoot a firearm in my back yard, this would be a nice option.

    From the looks of the test target, I don't see anything that needs upgrading.
    Fitting the stock and sights and maybe add a front palm rest is all.
    Sight riser blocks and sight radius extention tube maybe.
    It has a balance weight included.
    Next tier up is the $2500-$3500 bracket.
    College and Olympic level equipment but some kids at the range have them, and recruitment letters to go with them.

    This school is about 2 hours away.
    They spent over $10 million on the girls indoor 25 meter range.

    Open to public too.

    North Georgia added Women's rifle.
    Coed team.

  • That's awesome, I know if I had something like that as a kid my life would be a little different today.

    Heck if I had archery and would have known about Trap.


    She shot a 501 in Sporter Class today in Anniston, AL at the CMP South indoor Air Rifle Range.


    Winning Precision Class scores are in the 580+ range.
    You get the better rifles and the supportive leather jackets in Precision.

    She finished 24th out of 130 shooters in Sporter.
    Also in the 3-20 Individual scores she was 24 out of 130.

    Coed competition.
    The winner was also a young female shooter.

  • IMG_20170114_102121_zps2wlghrtv.jpg

    Only a 487 today in Sporter class.
    She will start shooting the Anschutz next month after the season ends.
    Met her Dad. He is a nice guy.
    Met the Coach.

    It was an open event.
    That is John Whidden and his two girls 2-4 from the left.
    Mrs. Whidden was sitting right on the bleachers in front of me.
    He was good but his oldest Daughter has better form. Textbook.
    Orion scores will be up on the Internet this evening.

    After meeting him in person, he is a Family Man first and I will be a customer in time.

    I did mention that I had just started reloading and was still buying tools. I Asked about tool quality. Starret, Mitotoyo, or any no name caliper and mike?

    They are a Mitotoyo shop.
    He first noticed when he was starting out that he was sorting bullets base to ogive one day with an RCBS Branded China tool.
    He kept one bullet as the baseline to zero the caliper.
    After running a dozen he went back to check the zero with the base bullet.
    He was 15 thousandths off.
    His body heat threw off the zero.
    When he switched to a Mitotoyo, it didn't creep.

    So I got to meet some people and learned something too.

    Now my turn to shoot.

  • Finally posted official results.

    Taylor was 4th in Sporter class.

    John almost shot a perfect prone but dropped the standing and finished 4th in Precision.

    These JROTC kids that shoot 6 days a week are tough.

  • Forgot to add the link. You can click on the individual shooter and it brings up the target diagram

  • Good for, practice practice practice.