Mannequin felon challenge

  • Lol

    For those of you not in the know, the mannequin challenge is some dumb thing invented by millennials. What you do is freeze in position like a department store mannequin. These assholes did it with guns as if engaged in battle. And got busted for it.

  • :laughing: Haha, that's about all Facebook is good for, catching dumfuq criminals...:laughing:

  • Awesome. :)

  • Mrs Ragnarnar is fond of the show " the first 48."

    It's a cop show, and it seems like a solid 85 percent of police work is investigating facebook.

    I've mentioned before she's also a forensic scientist. She's gotten serial numbers off guns from facebook, when the murderer or whoever posts them along with their stash of drugs and money.

    Criminals are dumb.

  • We've had quite a few arrests made locally from Instagram posts as well as the Facebook and Twitter.
    It is actually entertaining, but often hard to believe the utter stupidity. I suppose my mistake is that I give humans more credit than due.

  • @mamalukino Read Jullian Jaynes book The Origin of Consciousness Through The Breakdown of The Bicameral Mind.

    I discovered it about 9 years ago and read it and it really does explain a lot.
    The population of this planet is obviously not all functioning at the same level of self awareness and awareness of others individual rights.
    They are driven by impulse and carnal instincts. They don't introspect and don't have the ability to foresee consequences beyond one or two steps of action.

    I think all kids should be taught to play Chess specifically to teach looking ahead to plan actions and reactions.

    For. Specific example of individual evolution I love to Use Mike Tyson. As a young fighter he was an animal in the ring and his personal relationships. Prison and going broke shocked him into a new awareness that he shows now.
    I went through similar change myself.

    Some people never change and reach a higher level of functionality.

    Interestingly the HBO series West World is examining this very subject and the last episode was called Bicameral Mind.

    I will be buying the Blue Ray of the first season.

  • I have participated a lot of Mannequin challenges but we called them change of command.

  • @jibnast said:

    I have participated a lot of Mannequin challenges but we called them change of command.

    I laughed out loud at this. Seriously. lol

    Not so fond memories of standing in formation for hours.