Utah Elk Hunt

  • Will be in Utah hunting cow elk in a few weeks. If the snow continues it looks like we will be on Snowmachines. Going to put my 8mm RM through its paces again! Custom build is still cranking out .25 moa at 300 yards! Travis did a FINE job on this gun!

    Pics will follow the hunt!

  • Looking forward to it, good luck!

  • Good luck!

  • OK, I have determined a late December Elk hunt in Utah is NOT exactly a wise thing to do! Yes, it was successful but it was COLD, COLD, and COLD!

    The 8MM Remington Magnum did its job once again. 234 yards and she dropped like a sack of potatoes!

    The outfitter had a nice set up but I would not hunt with them ever again. Guy kept screaming to shoot the third one from the back and I said no, its a spike. He insisted it was NOT a spike and screamed for me to shoot it. Let's just say the matter was resolved rather quickly when I swung over to a very nice Cow and dropped her in her tracks.





  • Well that terrible about the outfitter.

    Congratulations on the elk!

  • Congratulations on the successful hunt, and glad you followed your instincts and ignored the blowhard guide.

  • That is some delicious meat.
    I haven't had any Elk meat in almost 17 years.:sob:

  • Blowhard Guide? LOL This guy called himself a guide but was nothing but an outfitter. Top that off, I shot the cow on the side of the mountain, 200 plus yards UP HILL and the so-called guide stopped shy of the cow about 30 yards and said here is the rope, wrap it around her head and bring her down here so I can gut it. Yes, the "guide" was in such bad shape he could not make it up 234 yards of a mountain. Pretty sad state of affairs on several fronts!

  • That is pretty much status quo for "guides" and "outfitters" sadly.

  • Was the "guide" an native Indian? Just curious.

    Congrats on the elk.

  • This guy was an overweight white Utah born and raised local. Foul mouthed, bottle glasses (cant see real well) and had no concept of hunting in my opinion.

  • Too Bad to hear about the Guide Experience, There are a lot of Land owners that have recently decided to be come Outfitters and it has caused some issues. One bordering our land was running his dogs on the fence line and they of course would cross onto our property and chase the deer beaded down. Congrats on the Elk, its making me hungry for some elk steaks.