Instead of flip cap...

  • This past weekend I shot a match but when it got late in the day something strange started to happen with my Burris XTR II 5-25. After around 3pm that the sun was sort of toward where we were shooting, when getting behind the lens I was seeing light elements inside the scope, even to the point that I was seeing shadows of my eye lashes. So I figured I needed the sun shade, so I put it on, but that didn't help, no noticeable improvement. So I just put my left hand covering the left side of my face and that fixed the problem. My solution was to turn the flip cap a little so that it would cover the sun from my eye and that seemed to help. But when the sun got even lower that the cap wouldn't cover it, I started having the issue again.

    Has this happened to any of you before? Is there something that can be done besides a baseball cap or something like that?

  • @ramirojpc

    Throw a towel over your head and the scope.

  • Yup. It's why I keep a shemagh in the pack all the time. Never know when something retarded is going to cause massive frustration and some shade in the right place can do wonders. When you're focusing through lenses, and light from outside the lenses is hitting you in the eye, it can be really tough.

  • Yep Greg that's exactly what i was going to say

  • Not to mention... everyone knows that looks snipery as all hell. haahah ;)

  • Yeah and that's more important than anything, How does it look in the pic. LOL ;)

  • All joking aside, shading your eyes with a shemagh helps in a lot of ways. Shading your neck and face keeps sunburn at bay. It also keeps you from getting wind burned. Keeping the bright light out of your eyes helps you keep your face relaxed and allows you to relax more in general. The more relaxed you are, the better you're going to shoot.

  • @orkan said:

    Not to mention... everyone knows that looks snipery as all hell. haahah ;)

    Hahaha...Got it: first look snipery, block the sun a distant second.

    Good feedback everyone, thanx. I had never seen anyone at the match do that, probably because since the match starts early morning and ends by around 1 or 2, this has never been an issue. This last one went on until 3 and then I stayed trying to practice my weak stages, but that sun in my face really threw me for a loop.

  • Also remember that the sun is sitting lower in the sky this time of year. So even at 1-2 o'clock it could be hitting you wrong. Even more so if your facing south.

  • I like those wide brimmed hats with a formable wire in the brim so that they hold shape.

    The Rimfire match is in the morning and facing East.
    Two solutions here.
    Three if you get hit in the head hard enough.



    That is the Champions Choice warehouse behind me in the flip up clip on blind pictures.
    They have all the do dads the smallbore shooters use.

    Ice all blows to the head if you can.