Area 419 Hellfire brake

  • I bought an interesting product a while back and I got it the other day and finally had some time to test it.

    It's the Area 419 Hellfire muzzlebrake system. And it is a system an interesting one. You can read more about the specifics here:

    Like a couple of newer brake offerings these are self timed brakes using a left hand lock nut on the brake, where this one differs is instead of going directly on the threads of the barrel it goes on a mount. The mount screws onto the threads, simple enough, then you screw the brake onto this. This allows different mounts for suppressors and other things.

    That's not the only thing the mount features though, it also features a taper to help lock the deviced into place, and it works well.

    I already had a similar brake, the APA Little Bastard Gen 2, it is a fine brake, but it was a little harder to install then the Area 419, and doesn't feature all the other stuff, i'll be comparing the area 419 to the LBG2 a little bit here.

    All shooting was done with a TSCustoms trued R700 in 260 Remington, with Prime 130gr ammunition. 47.5*f, 27.85 inHG, 55.3% humidity, 1766 DA or so, with a 5-6 mph wind from about 8 o clock, not that much of that matters because all testing was done at 100 Yards. The barrel was also cleaned the night before.

    I started off by firing two 5 round groups with the LBG2 attached, the first shot was clean cold bore and landed about an inch to the right, the next four all bugholed about .1m low... dangit haha. I adjusted the scope .1m and the first round hit high, the next four landed right around the dot for a nice group.

    I then removed the LBG2 and shot a 5 round group aiming at the second row third from the left, the first shot hit the dot above the dot I was aiming the next four landed a little high and left.

    Then I installed the Hellfire brake, the install was very easy, as soon as you push the brake on the taper it locks it into place and you can tighten the lock ring without it moving, I gave it a good snug tightening. It was easy to level as well, that was my biggest complaint with the LBG2 was that I was never sure if it was timed right, the Hellfire has some nice marking that help with that.

    I fired a group aiming at the second row of dots the fourth from the left it printed a nice group that was high to the aiming point, low compared to the group with no muzzlebrake. I tried to read the distance and adjust but something went wrong and I adjusted a bit to much. The second group hit a little low of the aim point which was second row fifth dot.

    Then I decided to test the return to zero of the brake, this is something someone with a suppressor might find a good advantage over other systems but only if it works so I wanted to test it. I adjusted the sope to center up the previous group on the dot.

    For this test I left the adaptor on and just removed the brake completely then reinstalled it.

    I tried to remove the brake, and no go, aparantly I tightened it to much and I could not get it loose it was on there, eventually I had to get a pair of pliers and the extra leverage allowed me to loosen the lock ring, after that it came off easily, In order to prevent that again I didn't tighten it down as much this time when I reinstalled it.

    I shot my first group, it was complete crap, this is completely my fault and not the brake or the design, I didn't tighten it enough to try and prevent having to use a pliers again, and when I went to remove it it was loose.

    I removed the brake then reinstalled it and fired 5 shots, bottom row second dot from the left, a nice ½ moa group.

    Again I removed the brake, then reinstalled it and fired 5 shots, bottom row third dot from the left, this time it printed slightly larger then ½ moa, the group was slightly lower then the previous group.

    Return to zero, at least with the brake, seemed to work well, I only did two groups because I was running late, but they both fell within a quarter inch of each other.

    Very awesome.

    Now, some of this bit may be a bit subjective at least as I tested it, compared to the LBG2 the rifle with the Hellfire brake on it seemed like a softer push, the LBG2 was a little sharper both were awesome when compared to shooting unbraked. But I would give the edge to the Hellfire. It also seemed to me that it stayed on target a little better. I am certainly not the best shot however so others may expiernce different results here.

    The brake was very easy to install, it's easily done by hand, and I wouldn't worry about it coming loose at all.

    Some cons, It is a little bit longer then the LBG2, my rifle is already a bit long, I almost wouldn't mind a two or one port version of it. Maybe it was where I was shooting, or my ear pro, but it sounded like it had a bit of a metallic ting when shooting, it was weird. The taper will need cleaning, there was minor soot build up, and I wonder if after a few hundred rounds if it might make It a bit harder to come of, Time will tell. I'm guessing it may effect return to zero if it gets bad enough, and quite possibly suppressor concentricity, I believe this has been considered in the design for some of the suprressor mounts however.

    All in all Great brake it will stay on the rifle, i'm very pleased with the purchase.


  • Great write up. I saw those when he posted them on the hide. Innovative. :)

  • They are certainly interesting.

    If they can keep zero with a suppressor I'm guessing it will be a better option then some manufacturers QD mounts that have been known to cause trouble.

    The taper if it can be kept clean should help align everything.

    At least in my mind, I'm no engineer just a mechanic.

    And the brake works great to.

  • I was withing a couple of weeks or ordering the LBG2, but this one looks like it's a great setup. I don't mind that it's a bit longer than the LBG2. I think I am going to give this a try. The price is pretty much the same as the LBG2. Thanx for the hands on review man, very helpful.