ISIS sniper propaganda


    ISIS assholes doing asshole things.

    I found it interesting as it provides a look at the other side of the equation. There are lessons to be learned by watching it.

    Mute the computer unless you speak dirk dirk. The actual useful lesson starts at 1:30

  • Bad guys, doing bad things.

    Hopefully they are on the receiving end soon.

  • That raises more questions than it answers.
    Looks like someone giving them off the shelf Remington 700 rifles and Vectronix range finders too.

    The guy at 15:00 is probably Chechin.
    The large caliber at 12:00 and the fabricated single shots cannon were interesting.

    I did learn a lot by watching.
    ANYTHING that is visible can be targeted and hit.
    Shadows are targets if the source can be determined.

    The production quality of the video is shocking.
    I just hate to think that ANY of my taxes went to fund these bastards.
    Who trained these fuckers?
    If any of that shit comes here it will cause panic.
    Thousands of eyes and cell phones are the only way to catch a shooter.
    That is still difficult to do before a shot.
    Rational people are taking cover after a shot though.

    What good is ITAR if our government intentionally gives away weapons and knowledge to terrorists?

  • ITAR was never designed to battle terrorism. It was designed to cripple small U.S.-based companies from competing in the global market.

  • The video makes that pretty obvious.
    It looks like they could get pretty much whatever weapon they wanted.
    Regulations just protect the profits of the big conglomerates.
    Blood money.
    I really don't see the need for US support or intervention for most of the crap going down in the Middle East any more.
    Energy independence will give us foreign policy independence if the politicians will quit taking Arab money.

    Why am I pessimistic about that ever coming to pass?

    Even worse is that this type of propaganda video will be used by Leftists here to go after our Traditions and Rights.

  • All interesting observations. I went the entire different way with the video. I realize we haven't really touched on tactics, but that was the lesson I was interested in.

    US military doctrine fails us here. React to contact, react to ambush, break contact and all the other battle drills work organically and have a clear-cut result.

    React to sniper doesn't work. Especially if it's a talented sniper.
    React to sniper goes :

    1. Yell "sniper" to alert others to take cover, whilst doing so yourself.
    2. Make sure it's an actual sniper if possible, not a backfiring car or other.
    3. Wait for the reaction force.

    To me the guys who were helping the first shot victims were most interesting to me. They don't take cover seriously, despite knowing there's a sniper in the area.
    Any exposed target on the battlefield is a casualty. Regardless.

    So how do you behave if there's a sniper in the area? You need either bullet proof glass to stand guard behind, or need to keep moving (Baghdad shuffle; which won't work if it's a talented sniper).
    It gets exhausting and one gets complacent if you're forced into doing it for days on end.

    And how do you counter a sniper? Either call the air force and get them to carpet bomb the entire block where he is suspected to be (doesn't work in a population center if you're worried about that) or get another sniper to hunt him, (risks your sniper losing that fight, and relies on the first sniper making a mistake or taking a shot)

    Just some of my thoughts and observations. How I try to think most days.

  • Do you like chess too?

    The IRA had a guy that the British called One Shot Willy. They never got a positive ID and just started hunting suspected individuals. Eventually he was no longer active but they never got anyone actually set up in an ambush with a long rifle in their hands. It was pure extrajudicial executions by British snipers of known IRA associates and operatives out on the street.

    Firearms training was so rare among the Irish that anyone who had the slightest bit of experience was investigated and either excluded from suspicion or put on the hit list.

    I wish I had a link to the book I read years ago.
    Here is a Wiki about some IRA shooters from 1990-1997.
    Not an impressive display of marksmanship but still psychologically and politically effective . The IRA pretty much wore the British down over the decades and they were a disarmed society using smuggled or improvised or stolen weapons.

    A sniper is a huge force multiplier.–97)

  • @ragnarnar

    Kismet, The Will of Allah.

    Stand right in the clear and if it is the will of Allah for me to die then I die and it cannot be avoided. If it is his will that I live, nothing can kill me.

    Really logical isn't it?