• Interesting video. I haven't tried this but I have no doubts that it is an accurate test.

  • Noticed this very same thing on mine. All the more reason I can't wait for Brand to call me on my Prometheus!

  • Interesting. Worrisome but interesting.

  • Indeed, I quite often leave powder in mine, so when I do I make sure there is nothing sitting in the pan.
    I also watch them close when they're dispensing. I've seen them overcharge then drift back to the desired charge weight. NOT COOL!

  • @tscustoms

    I have two of them. I honestly have always used them as just a dispenser. It gets the charge weight close and then I go from it to a more reliable scale (fx120) with a omega trickler to finish it off. That's the best I can afford right now, but it keeps my SD's almost always in single digits.

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