House Dems in DC vote to keep Pelosi as their leader as her home state votes to regulate cow farts

  • Looney Toon Beatch from beautiful state over populated with Looney tooons

    The vote to keep Pelosi isn’t a big surprise but the move to create regulations for California farmers to curb the effect of cow flatulence is both stunning and absurd.

  • I choked my way through a netflix so-called documentary a couple days ago called "Cowspiracy." If you want a glimpse into how these dumb assholes think... watch that movie.

  • If I am ever in a hot air balloon or a lifeboat and some Schmucks have to be thrown overboard for the rest of us to survive, people from California go first.

  • @hypo

    Hey we're not all bad lol

  • You escaped.
    Don't look back.
    My brother lives in NYC if that is any consolation.
    My uncle is in San Bernardino.
    He builds sand rails and stadium trucks.
    Won Baja 1000 in a solo 1600 cc sand rail in 1986 and 1988.

    You don't wear Birkenstocks do you?

  • @hypo

    Fuck no. Lol

  • @hypo said:

    You don't wear Birkenstocks do you?

    Do Ariat cowboy boots count?

  • I am so backward in regards to fashion I have never heard of Ariat. Armani I have heard of. $200 for a silk T-shirt isn't my style. I don't swing that way.
    I'm a Red Wing kind of guy.
    I have to push and pull on converter dollies hooking up double trailers and anything without laces can come off of your feet in muddy lots or loose gravel or wet pavement.
    Same when I was a local lift gate delivery driver. Pushing heavy pallets on and off the back of a truck requires firm footing. Pallets of oil and anti freeze going to auto parts stores are over a ton.
    I have only tried on some cowboy boots and they felt too loose.

    I have some nice Rockport shoes for casual wear going out with my wife. For exercise some USA made New Balance tennis shoes and that is it other than flip flops for around the beach or pool.
    I am easy to shop for when it comes to shoes.
    Fit function place of manufacture are my criteria then some plain color. My tennis shoes are all grey.
    Nothing flashy.

  • I am the grey man today.


  • lol... this thread has me cracking up.

    Somehow a thread about that bitch pelosi turned into a fashion thread. ... and it makes more sense than ANYTHING that's happened around pelosi her entire life. :laughing:

  • @hypo I've never understood how people can wear cowboy boots.

    Especially mechanicing were standing in water, antifreeze, oils, who knows what else I don't want to be in cowboy boots.

    Or we're in fields filled with gopher holes and jumping off of things we shouldn't be whilst carrying stuff we probably shouldn't be. I don't want my foot to slip in a boot while doing that.