Levi and their CEO...

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    Levi’s wants to make less money. No really. Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh posted an open letter in Fortune Magazine saying his company doesn’t want your guns (and, by extension, your money) in their stores. What’s more, Mr. Bergh’s utterly unconcerned about a boycott as “most boycott threats around this topic ultimately blow over.” Mr. Bergh apparently thinks gun owners are stupid, with short memories and no doubt other stubby attributes.

    The pussy himself:

  • Banned

    I'm in the market for a few new pairs of pants. I hadn't ruled out anything, till now. Honestly a rather easy one to rule out as their pants always wore out quick for me. He can keep living in the world of fairy tales, building more houses in the land of make believe.

    I have a few pairs of Cinch pants that have been through a lot and are still going. Looks like cinch makes concealed carry jackets as well.

  • Yup Levi has been anti forever. As a SF based company, they live in the land of emotions and feelings.

  • I can't remember when I last bought Levis. At least ten years or more.

    Wrangler or Dickies for me but these 511 sure are comfortable. Love the stretch fabric.

  • Their jeans suck anyways. And they're expensive.

  • @rhyno said:

    Their jeans suck anyways. And their expensive.

    Agreed. I've been wearing truspec multicam every day for the last 5 years.

  • @hypo said:

    I can't remember when I last bought Levis. At least ten years or more.

    Same here; I usually wear some type of BDU if I'm wearing long pants (which is rare).

  • So now gun owners will get all twisted and start yelling over this... but how many of them that wear levi's will STOP wearing them because of this?

    That's always been my problem with this. People refuse to stop supporting anti-gun companies if it affects their life in any way. Tons of gun owners still use facebook... and because tons of them use it, companies will still benefit from using it. If you have something you want to promote, nothing out there rivals facebook regarding the exposure you can get. Every time TS Customs posts something about us on his facebook account, we get a boost in exposure.

    The paradigm needs to shift. We need to have the same powerful tools, companies, and communities available to us... just not those that are against us. I can't wait for that to happen. ... if it will ever happen.

  • Funny that this appeared while I was looking and needing a couple pair of jeans. Levi's absolutely suck dick these days, they are geared towards the younger yuppie fuck crowd. Anyhow I bought these instead and have been wearing them for a couple years for work and really like them, I bought them for casual wear and give them a thumbs up in every way, not to mention the price is simply outstanding. You can read my long review and make up your own mind if you want to give them a try ( I think you'll like them if you like the old Levis).

    Dave S.


  • @orkan

    I don't wear UA anymore and now Levi's is out as well. They can both suck it.

  • Well shit, my wife just brought two pairs home for me...found them on sale.
    We won't be buying anymore!