Rimfire handgun host

  • I am considering looking at trying to find another .22 handgun. The mark 2 has been good, but not without its issues. I am looking for real world experience with these hosts to help me choose which one might be better than what I already have.

    Ruger mk 2/3/4
    I put all of these in the same category because they are all pretty much the same. I give the sight edge to the mark 2 due to not having loaded chamber indicator and mag disconnect. These are accurat guns that are fairly reliable...but quickly get dirty when shooting suppressed. Cleaning interval is 750 rounds max. I know .22 is a dirty round so maybe I am just expecting too much from this pistol. Other than the cleaning interval I am happy with it. Using kroil instead of regular gun oil has extended the interval from about 400 rounds to about 750...so that has helped. I have considered polishing the bolt and internal parts to see if the gunk would stick less.

    Walter p22
    I had high hopes for This little gun as many people love them. It however has many issues that left me wishing I had not bought it within the first few mags. The safety is backwards, trigger is horrible, and accuracy nowhere near that of the mark 2. In short...this is just a toy. I don't know the cleaning interval as I haven't shot it that much.

    I would like to hear your experiences with other .22 hosts. Reliability, accuracy, cleaning intervel (suppressed), accessories, trigger, etc.

    I am considering:
    Browning buckmark
    Volquartsen scorpion (although I think this one will adopt the issues of the mark 2)
    Hammerli (would have to have it threaded)
    High standard (would also have to have it threaded)
    Smith and Wesson model 41 (need to be threaded)

    Others that I don't consider to be in the same quality category...but might consider depending on personal experiences with them would be:
    Sig mosquito
    Ruger SR-22
    M&P 22
    Any 1911 chambered in .22
    Glock conversion kits

  • My real world experience is limited to the Ruger MKII. Mine is a full on target model with a jeweled bolt and I've never had an issue with the gun sticking. Now I don't shoot it suppressed, so that may help.

    Have you seen anything on the MK4 yet? While it looks the same, the new take down feature is miles ahead of the previous generantions.

  • I run a Buckmark modified by TS Customs. Not sure if he's still doing these or not, but it's the only way I fly.


    That new ruger mark 4 seems like it solves a lot of problems compared to the earlier designs. Still seems like it would be affected by being dirty though. I'm not sure how many thousand rounds I have through my buckmark... but I've never cleaned it. Accessory rails make easy mounting of lights and MRD's. Factory barrel is super accurate. Travis threads it and moves the sight back... then installs the pic rail beneath the barrel. My suppressed Buckmark has felled more vermin than you can imagine.

  • @norcal_in_az

    My mark 2 does great when it is not suppressed. I don't remember hardly ever cleaning it before I started shooting suppressed. I like the idea of the mark 4, but I don't believe they are very much different in design to the 2's and 3's.

    Buckmark has had my eye for a while...but I didn't know how well they did. I might have to give Travis a call once I get the 40x behind me. I didn't want to spend another $400+ dollars just to have something that wasn't any better than the mark 2.

  • @orkan

    Are you running factory triggers? Volquartsen? How are they?

  • Factory triggers. They are plenty good.