TRASOL ballistics software

  • This app looks promising. I am just wondering if anyone has been able to use it yet. How does it compare to Ballistics AE?

    The feature that really appeals to me is the fact that you can adjust the zero for each barrel and it will remember it. I can't find a place where Ballistics AE will do that. That feature will keep you from having to remember to add or subtract the difference in the barrels for each solution.

  • I've been monkeying with it. Seems pretty good so far. Some things are a big goofy, but it has potential. Hopefully some of the bugs get fixed up soon.

    I've never been a fan of the way desert tech wants to adjust the zero for each barrel... using a "offset" method rather than just setting your turrets to zero for each barrel. If your firing solution would call for 10 mils, and you actually have to dial 11.2 because of a zero offset... that complicates things. Also, what about your zero stop? If one barrel's "zero" is actually 1.1 mils up from actual zero, do you just "remember" that when your turret is moved accidentally or you come down from a second revolution?

    Not a fan.

    Thankfully you and I don't have to deal with that, since our turrets rezero so easily. ;)

  • With only one barrel to deal with (and still stuck in the office where I can't shoot yet) I haven't considered that. I will probably just record the offset and re-zero the scope then when changing barrels.

    either that or one would have to zero the barrel that shoots the lowest regardless of caliber and then use offsets for every other barrel. Like you said though...not ideal.

    That being the case I will probably just save the $40 and stick with Ballistic AE for now.

  • @dddoo7 said:

    I will probably just record the offset and re-zero the scope then when changing barrels.

    That's exactly what I do. Once you record where they all shoot, you can swap between any of them and input the correct zero to the scope.

    I have designed databook pages that allow me to track zero to or from whichever conversion I have. I start with one barrel, and track where zero shifts from that barrel for all the others. Then I can track what adjustments need to me made when coming to or from any of them by glancing at its page.


    • This page is the rifle system info page. Here you track your "base barrel zero" and then indicate the adjustment from that barrel to all your other barrels. You can track your chassis information as well, and update total round count on the system. Click the image above to grab the PDF.


    • This page is the individual barrel zero data page. Each conversion has one of these pages dedicated to it. Here you track the zero conditions for each barrel, and then your zero adjustments coming from other conversions. You can also track other pertinent data such as different loads you've reached via development, and the chamber info regarding where the lands are on the virgin barrel. When you re-zero the barrel, you just erase and update it, so you always have current accurate zero atmospherics to go from. Click the image above to grab the PDF.