Ballistic Apps

  • I've been using AB Mobile which seems to work OK though I get messages from Doc Beech about problems they've been having and an update that's in progress. What is the current status of other apps, particularly Trasol? I haven't seen much info on it since it was introduced last year but it sounded pretty good at the time. Has experience shown it to be reliable? Are there other apps that offer more in terms or accuracy and ease of use?

    Thanks for any input----


  • Trasol, Shooter, Ballistic AE, all work exceptionally well. They do not calculate for aerodynamic jump, but they are all reliable apps. Lapua's new app seems to be working well now also.

  • I've been playing with TRASOL it has some things I don't like but it seems to be spot on so far.

  • I use Balistic AE and StrelokPro. So far I am using StrelokPro more often because of how it organizes guns and loads and for the match I shoot at I really like the targets feature. You just enter the distance for the different targets and it gives you a list with the adjustments for each. What I don't like is that the trueing feature doesn't work unless you are shooting at 600+ yds. But Ballistics AE works great for that.

  • You should really try Shooter or Trasol instead. In my experience, strelok is not a reliable solver. Shooter organizes the rifle and ammo profiles quite well.

    If they ever get applied ballistics fixed, that will be a good app too.

  • @orkan fixed in what way?

  • @sa-shooter said:

    @orkan fixed in what way?

    Fixed in the way that it actually functions... instead of reporting completely wrong firing solutions as a result of bad programming.

  • You know I've been playing with it on my old android phone, even there it has bugs. Pretty big ones

    The other day I was comparing it to TRASOL and my results shooting at 740 yards.

    Put the same everything into each, elevation matches up close (within a tenth of a mil) but the AB gave me a windage of 2.3 mils in the opposite direction. I couldn't figure it out.

    Also did the same thing with Lapua 6DOF and that was completely messed up.

  • @orkan I see. I was always under the impression that AP and Shooter were based on the same platform. I think I'll invest in Shooter and see how that goes. I have noticed some strange happenings in AP also. Last time I went shooting I tried to calibrate my trajectory. After calibrating at about 600m and getting a trajectory out to 1000m, for some reason it didn't show me what I put in for 600m. I thought I made a mistake and decided to default back to the custom curve. The other day I decided to play around again and realised that if I calibrate for 600 and change my range to 600m, then it's calibrated. But soon as I change to anything more than that, it's off by 1MOA at 600. I found myself wondering what the point was of calibrating if it doesn't use the calibration and apply it to your curve further out.

  • @orkan I agree, I have done side by side comparision of DOPE between Strelok and Ballistic AE and there is a slight difference. I'll give Shooter a try, I briefly looked through it last night and it looks pretty good.