What I did to my Tac Ops Lima

  • This is what I did to my Tac Ops Lima 51. I really like the comfort and fit of this master piece chassis. The action is bedded in the chassis with a Hart re-barrel done a little while ago. The gun still shoots lights out. I am more comfortable with the setup, which I believe has led to me being more consistent.


  • looks good.

  • 😳😱!!!

    How dare you! Sacrilege! How could you? What were you thinking? Mistakes have been made! Insanity! Never in my life! Have you lost your damn mind?

    Now that I got that out of the way... Sweet! I applaud doing what's best for the shooter and not being scared to do what you want because of what others would think. Good stuff.

  • I'm glad it works for you. I couldn't do that to a tac ops...the rebarrel or the stock...but whatever gets the job done.

  • @dddoo7 It definitely gets the job done....And I am by no means a proficient shooter.


  • Isn't that kind of like putting a Chevy 350 in your 35 Ford? :)

    Who cares what you did to a TacOps, if its a shooter and brought your level of confidence up thats fantastic.