When your wife tells you....

  • ...that you need to buy another gun, you just say "yes ma'am", and sacrifice...:-)

    So I have a full size S&W 9mm that we keep at home or in the center console of our truck when we drive around. Since I live in CO I could open carry, but I prefer concealed. So for my next gun, I want it to be a EDC to be carried concealed. I always carry a man purse...errr...EDC bag from Vanquest gear that has a CC compartment, so for those times that I have clothes where a gun, even a compact would print, I can just put in my bag.

    For the longest time I've been eyeing the XDM9 compact, but the Mod2 came out and I really like it. I went to a local gun shop and handled both and the mod2 felt better in my hand. But I am a sucker for speedy rounds...so....I am also looking into a Sig P320 Compact in .357sig. Either of the 2 guns, I think, would be just fine. Since I plan to reload for both, I am always looking to keep things kind of consistent (similar to my 6.5CM and 6.5x284). Since I already have a 9mm, other than dies, brass, and powder, everything else would be the same for both.

    Since I only started looking at the 357sig recently, I wanted to ask you guys for thoughts and opinions on whether or not the 357 sig is a good round. I know it has more penetration power than the 9mm and even the 40S&W, but since the decision will be made between the Springfield mod2 in 9mm and the P320, what would you suggest?

  • Sig lost my business when I recommended a specific model to a friend. The gun would not function properly so he sent it back. It was quite obvious that they "fixed" his gun with a dremel tool. One buying a dog pays a premium for the name. Along with said premium should come better quality control and absolutely flawless customer service when something does slip through.

    Another friend owned a dog and he always had trouble getting It to hit correctly. It was hitting far left or right and was too far to drift the sight to match.

    I have very limited experience with sig...but what I do have has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • I don't have any experience with .357 sig. ... at least none that is definitive and knowledgeable.

    I do have experiences with sig handguns however, and my experience mimic's @dddoo7. They make some real crap handguns, and they don't seem to be winning any customer service awards.

    Conversely I have 4 XDM 9mm's. Absolutely fantastic handguns. Always the chance of getting a lemon, but we sold about 40 of them once upon a time and zero issues reported. I have an insane round count on my competition xdm that I outfitted with PRP parts. 10,000? 20,000? I don't even know where it's at. Has never once malfunctioned. Ever.

    I carry a XDM compact 9mm. Doesn't matter how assed up it gets from clothing lint and sweat and what not... I can pull it out and it will fire every single time. Probably a thousand or so rounds through that one. I put 500 through it before I started carrying it, and have put at least that many through it since just by cycling out carry ammo. I don't recall when I bought it... sometime in 2009 maybe... but it's been on my hip every single day, all day, all night, since then. It only comes off when I sleep, and then it's close at hand.

    Carrying in a murse (manpurse) is better than having no firearm at all... but those damn things will get you killed. They make you a target. They aren't "attached" to you, so the position will move if you get into a tussle. They are prone to being "forgotten" in random places. I could go on, but I see no point. They are just a bad idea.

    Get yourself a crossbreed supertuck, horsehide, and put an XDM compact on your hip.

  • Local LE around here carries the 357 Sig.

    I spoke to one officer, while I was employed at a sporting goods store, who said in the department there have been 40+ officer involved shootings this year (this was a few months ago). All the suspects were killed, but one. I realize you could make this statement with any chambering, especially the way LE shoots....but theres some input for you.

    Also the cost of ammo is almost double standard straight walk cartridges. And far more uncommon. At least where I worked. As Greg said, you'll want to ensure the gun works well before trusting it. That adds up quick.

  • Thanx for the inputs guys. I stoped by the gun store near my house and I handled the sig p320 and the XD mod2 and I still like the mod2 better. So now I am torn because I really like the ballistics of the 357sig, at least from what I have seen on paper and penetration comparisons with other calibers. We'll see what I end up with.

    @orkan I do see your point of how and EDC bag can make one a target, however, in my case, I've always been someone that carries several things. I used to be that kid with pockets full of marbles, a top, and a slingshot. So the main purpose of my EDC bag is not to conceal a weapon, but to carry all the stuff I want or need. What I carry in the bag are things like meds for me and my wife and the kids, wallet, knife, flashlight, spare change, checkbook, keys, charging cable for my phone, wet wipes (small kids in public bathrooms), etc. The plan with the CC gun is to primarily carry it on my body in a holster, not in the bag. I would only carry it in the bag if it would print too much with the clothing I am wearing on a particular day.

    But I hear you on the XDM, all comments and reviews I hear say nothing but positive things about those guns.

  • I would lean towards the 9mm. My every day CCW is a Springfield XDS 9 and I use my original CD 4 inch for IPDA and carry a Sig P229 in 9mm for work. I have about 15k through the both Springfield's and a documented 8,236 rounds in the Sig. I would recommend any of the XD's over the Sig and I even bought a Sig in 357 Sig and after about 500 rounds it was gone not enough pro's to justify the added cost.

  • Where can a department shoot and kill 39 suspects in a single year and there be no televised protests?
    Sounds like BarterTown.

  • After some further research, the suggestions here, and considering budget, I decided to go with the Springfield X D Mod2 in 9mm. That way, sometime in the future I can convince my wife to buy this one, although with how readily available that one is I may have better chances of getting picked up by a UFO :laughing: :laughing:

  • Banned

    Let us know what you think. I have not shot the MOD 2 yet but I am interested to see what you think. I really do like the front sight they started putting on those Springfields.