Mid range optics

  • So, since the optics section is a bit bare still, I thought I might fluff it up a bit with a discussion on scopes for the budget minded individual. I am in the process of looking at a new scope for my setup. I've had my gun since April now and ran through my first PRS style match a week ago (so I'm a serious greenhorn). I'm happy with how the optic preformed and seems to track pretty good.I'm running a Rem700 SPS tactical with an AICS 1.5 , topped off with an early model SWFA SS 10x42. Not having played with good glass all that much in my life, I'm sure I'm missing out somewhere. A couple of things that really suck about my current scope is the lack of a zero stop (though dialing back and forth, I never got "lost" but I'm sure it will happen at some point) and the messed up MIL/MOA mix Re less than ideal. So that brings me here. I know some of you guys have some serious glass, but at this point in my life, I just cannot afford the likes of the HD gen 2, PM2' or the Tangent Theta scopes. I've been doing some research and the range I'm looking at is around the $1000-1200 mark (depending on exchange rates at the time and the country of origin). My short list consist of the Burris XTRii, Bushnell HDMR and the Vortex PST, in that order. I am not a great fan of Vortex but I recognise the advantages so it makes it to the list. I'm curious to get some opinions and maybe other competitors from you guys. Your market is huge and I'm sure a lot of you have tried different scopes so I'm looking forward to a enlightening discussion and maybe I learn something.

  • Burris XTRII is the best thing going in the budget arena right now I think.


  • Yup the Burris XTR is the best mid priced scope out there right now. It has a better fit n finish over the PST, and I'm a big Vortex fan. The 34mm tube also adds some better elevation adjustments and light transmission.

  • What do you think about the Sig brand scopes?
    I looked through a 3-12 Tango 4 and it looks and feels better than a vortex PST right back to back.
    I t would be for my HBAR out to 600 yards NRA medium range tactical rules.

    3.3 NRA Mid-Range (Prone) Tactical Rifle (AR) (PROVISIONAL) Any semi-automatic rifle constructed on an “AR-Style Platform” chambered in any caliber from .233/5.56mm caliber up to and including .308 caliber/7.62mm similar in outward appearance to the “Service Rifle” described in 3.1(c) above, equipped with the standard 10-, 20-, or 30- round box magazine, having not less than 4 1/2 pound trigger pull, with standard type “tactical” stock (Military or Police); barrel length not to exceed 20 inches; total weight of the rifl e including one empty magazine, bipod and/or sling, if any, and sighting system (scope) may not exceed 14 pounds. a. b. c. 74 d. e. f. g. Stock- Must be of the type and design commonly issued to and/or used by U.S. Military or U.S. Police; may be straight (solid), folding, or collapsible, competitive style stocks such as those commonly found on Match Rifles, Palma Rifles, and F-Class Rifles are prohibited. Tactical stocks with an adjustable cheek piece and/or an adjustable butt plate are permitted. Tactical rail and/or equipment attachment system are permitted. Tactical adjustable stocks fitted with rear monopods are permitted but the rear monopod may not be used for support. See below and see Rule 5.2 Sights- Telescopic sights, either fixed or variable, not to exceed 12x magnification. Standard metallic, holographic and other tactical sighting systems are also permitted. Laser sighting systems are prohibited. Tactical Front Rest – detachable and collapsible (folding) tactical style front bipod of the “Harris-type”; or, separate soft roll or soft front bag of the type and design commonly used in military/police “field-expedient applications” are permitted. Mechanical/machine front rests and non-collapsible and/or mechanically adjustable bipods of the types(s) otherwise legal in F-Class competition are prohibited. A field-expedient front rest consisting of a back pack or range bag may be substituted, but only one such item may be used. The front rest, bipod or otherwise, must be in direct contact with the ground. No boards, mats, rugs, clothing, towels, or other devices may be used to level the firing point under the front rest or to support the front rest

  • I think the Sigs are so new there's not a lot out there on them yet.

  • Another vote for the XTR IIs. I got the 5-25 SCR-mil and I love everything on it, clarity, turrets, reticle, reticle illumination, it's a really nice scope. Plus, when using splatter targets, I can see the holes @ 300 yds.