@gash said: I recently made a batch of Recipe #3 laundry soap using a grated Zote bar instead of Fels Naptha and I have to say I'm impressed. Fels Naptha always faded our clothes because it lacks UV brighteners in it, which work to preserve color. Zote bar has UV brighteners in it and it works fabulously. I bought my Zote off Amazon: http://amzn.to/2mqLD8n I ended up mixing 1 grated bar of Zote, 1 cup Washing Soda, 1 cup Borax and 1 cup BIZ. I add 2-4 tablespoons of the power to the bottom of the washer before filling. Works pretty fabulously. This last batch of soap that I've been using for over a month now is hands down my favorite out of all of them. As mentioned before Fels Naptha and also castille soa[ fades clothes (great for hunting clothes because it doesn't have the UV brighteners in it), not so great when you want to look presentable. This zote mix also gets out stuff set in stains. I've seen some kids' clothing come out of the wash looking newer, old set in stains that I had given up hope on lifted and the clothes upgraded from play to nice again. It's pennies per load! I'd highly suggest you give it a whirl!