@mamalukino you're very welcome! We had that crud awhile back. The cough lingered for a long time after. Elderberry can be taken daily and so can Vit. D. In fact it's recommended no matter how much time you spend outside in the sun, to take Vit. D daily as most of the time when we're outside we have sunblock on therefore preventing us from getting enough natural Vit. D. We take Nature's Way Elderberry capsules during peak cold/flu and we all take Vit. D daily. Kiddos take 2500iui, Orkan takes 5000iui and I take 10,000iui. Here's the Vit. D I use for everyone: www.amazon.com/Vitamin-Liquid-Drops-MK-7-x2605/dp/B00VF8DPZI/ Here are the Elderberry Capsules: www.amazon.com/Natures-Way-Elderberry-Capsule-575/dp/B0016CFJR0/