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  • RE: Big pile of brass at Anschutz.

    @rr2241tx They need to do function, reliability, and longevity testing too. No reason to use expensive stuff for that.

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  • RE: Tell me about trucks

    Yup, I can safely say that when the wife's minivan outlives its usefulness... she'll be getting a subaru outback. Amazing little vehicles. With the seats folded down, there's more room in that subaru than most little truck beds.

    For getting groceries and scooting around a city/suburbia... they are about the most perfect vehicle. @tackyp you should go check out a new outback. You might find that you don't "need" a truck either. If I didn't need one... I'd be driving an outback.

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  • RE: Tell me about trucks

    I have zero dog in the fight as they say but I drive a 2016 Subaru Outback. I love every part of it. I used to drive a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 and thought it was the greatest thing. Then there was the Dodge Ram rust. I had a choice...I could put money into fixing it or I could replace it. @orkan and @brittel were trying to find me the perfect vehicle. Then they suggested a first I was defensive and all other matters of upset. The truth was I knew nothing about them other than they were something I knew nothing about.

    After watching SEVERAL youtube videos I was convinced it was something to check out. They have great ground clearance (8.7 inches if i remember) and great safety features. I was so sure I wanted another pickup to replace what I had that I overlooked the "crosstrek" market. Because I was so sure what I "needed" I neglected to look at anything else. We looked at the Ram 1500's and then I thought about the problems @orkan had with his 2012 1500. Within 1 week he broke it. It is not meant for anything but to look like a truck. He took it down 1 ditch and broke a part on it.

    Take a look at your local dealer...they are full of "trucks" that are supposed to be the answer to your truck dreams. Take it off-road once and you will see how unimpressive they are. I am not even mentioning the fact that you will lose your ass on resale value on a "typical" 1500 or similar truck.

    I get 30-38mpg highway easily with my Subaru. This last trip I took 562 miles and I could do it all on one tank of gas. That is all not even mentioning the safety features. As others on this forum can tell you I am one of the least coordinated people you will ever meet. The Subaru has Eyesight (check it out on youtube) and so many other features that makes it unique. Just by having one of the safest vehicles in America it has saved me from accidents. To me that is worth it.

    If you look hard at what you are going to use the vehicle for and decide that you really don't need a pickup look at the Subaru Outback...and if you don't need an Outback they have just come out with the Ascent. Which I have not driven but it look to be the replacement for the Durango.

    If you need a pickup this is not the response you need to read...but I too thought I "needed" a pickup but then I was converted to knowing what I really needed. @orkan and @brittel use their pickups for what they are intended for. One hauls tons of hay and one gets to where he needs to with no compromise. For me I thought I needed a pickup but in reality I needed a vehicle with great gas mileage, good cargo room. and great safety features.

    This is all without mentioning the resale value on a Subaru is amazing.

    @orkan and @brittel can probably tell you how impressed they were when they thought I would be stuck in a nasty sloppy mess only to see me pop out of the other side with no issues. The symmetrical AWD of the Subaru is impressive.

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  • RE: Big pile of brass at Anschutz.

    Crazy awesome!

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  • RE: Tell me about trucks

    @datec You're post is full of old trucks that have nothing to do with the topic at hand, and your tone is toxic and has no room for the reality that ALL brands turn out shit products these days.

    There are countless horror stories about chevy, ram, and ford. All one needs to do is look and you'll find them. That doesn't stop those 3 from being the only real choice when it pertains to buying a real truck.

    As for fuel economy... you know how many times I have heard someone bitch about economy, only to learn they are running 85 or 87 with ethanol? Or running the wrong kind of diesel for the season? People drive the big three brands and there are a ton of ranchers around here that overload the shit out of their trailers. All are happy enough with what they have. When they aren't, they buy something else. Dodge guys try fords. Ford guys try Chevy's, and around it goes. Some brands win one year and lose the next. For every story you have about ram's and chevy's getting crap mileage, I can tell you 5 about them getting good mileage. Rams, chevy's, and fords can all be alright.

    ... and in case you weren't aware, the OP is looking for a BRAND NEW truck, that means THIS YEAR... not old shit like you talk about in your posts. He also isn't going to be pulling... he's going to be driving around town.

    This thread is NOT going to devolve into some brand bashing bullshit. So you can take a hint and show yourself the door on this thread or I can show you the door on the entire forum. Your choice.

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  • RE: Tell me about trucks

    @datec said in Tell me about trucks:

    never in your wildest dreams will you ever get 19.5mpg out of a Chevy or Dodge in the city mabey on a long cruse of the flattest part of a highway, mabey.

    Pretty sure you're being wildly biased. I know several guys that get 20+ mpg with their chevy's and ram's. All it takes is a tuner, and they get even better than that.

    Hell, my truck in factory condition got 16-18mpg highway, and I don't accelerate as gentle as I should/could. Guys with ram 1500's get better than that. After adding a tuner, it typically goes up a couple mpg's.

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  • RE: Learning to shoot in the Flint Hills of Kansas

    @kansas said in Learning to shoot in the Flint Hills of Kansas:

    06 - Breathing
    I am caught between two directives ... let the shot be a surprise ... time the shot to go at the point of completion of the exhale cycle.

    Not sure who taught you to have it be a surprise, but that wasn't me.

    We teach to release the shot at the bottom of the natural respiratory pause, and I also teach to "let it happen, don't make it happen."

    This takes practice. It goes far beyond the mechanical reduction of "flinch" or anticipation. It has a massively deep zen-like affect on your ability to produce honest shots which are in tune instinctively with your subconscious mind and it's control of the timing as well as the hold of the shot. Conscious thought is the enemy of this process.

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  • RE: Tell me about trucks

    @tpk936 said in Tell me about trucks:

    @orkan Don't forget those Ram boxes. Every time I switch trucks to a non Ram I hate not having those boxes.

    Yes! I love me some ram boxes.

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  • RE: 16" 6BR with light bullets

    @bull81 said in 16" 6BR with light bullets:

    Better be careful you bout to run out of room in those mags haha. Pretty impressive results

    They sure are stubby little buggers! I was worried about feeding at first, but as you can see, that's an unmodified AICS magazine with our kit installed... and it works flawlessly as always.

    This kind of performance with this bullet out of a 7.75 twist barrel with this massive jump really surprised me. I've seen long jump produce good results before, but this was really a pleasant surprise. Whether this would always be the case remains to be seen, as this is just a sample size of one. However, it certainly shows that you can build rifles for these little cartridges around the heavy bullets, and still be able to launch the varmint bullets effectively too.


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